Road trip

I’m going to be making a trip from Florida to Texas. I’m going to stop at every rest area and try to find men that will let me suck their dicks, or men that will fuck my ass. If you see me in the bathroom I will be the guy wearing panties. I can’t wait to swallow your cum, or feel it being pumped inside my ass.
I will write my phone number on the wall so you can send me dick pictures, or call and let’s talk about how you want to use me for your pleasure.

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  • I wish I was on your route I would love to pump you full of my cum.

  • I drive through Alabama and some of Georgia too.
    Are you around any southern states?
    I enjoy feeling cum leaking out of my ass while I drive, or having it pumped in my mouth so much that I can’t swallow it all. I’ve even had a guy shoot a stream across my face before shoving it back in my mouth for me to drain. Several guys saw me like that before I took a load in my ass that night.

  • Haha, I did the same thing but I'm a girl

  • Did you get the response that you wanted?
    Were you looking for men, or women?

  • What road was traveling when you left your number?
    What were you wanting to receive?
    What kind of responses did you get?

  • Go to the rest stop on I 10. That’s where the action is.

  • Have fun clearing up that Chlamydia when you get to Texas.

  • Everyone in Texas has STDs

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