Saw my son jerking

As a mom I've watched my son grow and mature. But the other day something unexpected happened. I was cleaning house doing little things like laundry. Nothing to big but I went to my son's room to collect his laundry basket. Not thinking about it I just opened the door like I had done multiple times before.

There sitting at his computer desk with headphones one was my naked son. He was watching some well endowed woman getting fucked hard while stroking his fairly large cock. He didn't hear me come in as his desk is faced away from the door. I stood there shocked watching my little boy jerk himself off. I guess I caught him at the end of his session cause with a few hard jerks he came.

A full five ropes of his cum came out and splattered on the floor. I was shocked and for some reason I was extremely turned on. I found myself touching myself through my sweatpants watching him. Before he could see me I stepped out of his room and half ran half wobbled to my room. I immediately got naked and started fingering myself frantically.

Since that day I've been constantly thinking about my son's big cock. I know its super wrong but for some reason the mere thought of my son taking me gets me beyond horny. Now I'm tempted every day to seduce my son.

19 days

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    • Nothing wrong with your grown-up son watching porn and masturbate. My son also did the same as I secretly watched him doing it for about a month leaving me horny in my room at night. I also found that some of my used panties get missing! Yes, I did masturbate with the image of his thick erect cock! I had not much of sex since I divorced my hubby. I started to wear sexually provocative dress so that he can watch me closer - bra-less and short skirt without panties. One night I could not bear any more and while he was watching MILF-porn on the computer with his headphone covering his ears, I quietly stood behind him and after a few minutes I touched his shoulder. He got startled and closed the computer. He turned to me and saw my boobs through the unbuttoned shirt. I assured him saying that we two were here and nobody else, there was no harm sharing our secrets. I requested him to open the computer - we watched a number of short MILF porn in the youjizz site. We got closer and I took initiative to kiss him full mouth. The rest was inevitable. We have been fucking for the last three years or so in the privacy of my home..

    • You need to masturbate with your door open. He will see you and that's how it will start. Offer to Jack him off and let him finger you and suck your tits. Before you know it he will shoot from your hand pumping him off. Next thing you know you will be fucking him. You can teach him to please a woman. Help him learn to hold back and control cumming. He will be a better man for it and when he meets a girl and knows how to please her, he will thank you for it. 69 with him so he learns to enjoy eating a musky damp pussy. When he erupts in your mouth, he will know true pleasure. Teach him to tongue your asshole too.

    • Doesn't even have to be 69, just get him eating you. In bed,on the kitchen counter, bent over the couch. You can be not so fresh, maybe it was a warm day or you worked up sweat house working, a boy has to know what a woman tastes like normally, if you like your asshole sniffed and licked make sure he gets in there too... It can't always be floral body wash and perfume...

    • I was 16 living with my dad and stepmom she did my laundry but quit washing my pajamas because I used them to clean the cum off myself after I had masturbated . I don’t think she ever caught me but I was caught by my aunt and younger sister once they didn’t say a word but I know they saw me stroking .

    • Son's fantasizing about mom's pussy is pretty normal. Can't comment on the other way around. Getting caught jerking into mom's panties by your sister is a "right of passage"

    • Mmm, that is probably a shock to see your baby boy stroking his big cock, but be proud he is a man that you helped create!! Also nice you didn't spook him and let him cum! Did think about if you swallow all those ropes? Maybe just half let the rest run down your chin... Sweatpants can be innocently sexy, panties on or none? Luv you peeled them and played with your pussy, which was I'm sure a bit moist ,creamy, almost greasy with that spicy smell, along with your tight puckered butthole getting damp from your wet pussy dripping. Thinking of you with your knees up to your tits shoving some fingers in, moaning low and cumming!!! 💋. Hope to hear back from you!

    • Your description of my pussy actually made it juicy all over again, but no on sucking my sons cock. I always wear thong panties even with sweats.

    • Why not

    • Nothing smells better than dirty panties and pussy

    • Oh very very hot! Glad you got a little juicy reading that! Mmm, thongs all the time huh? I could just imagine an attractive mom doing her housework in sweats, maybe even getting a little warm and perspiring thinking she will take a nice bubble bath later on ... Then a horniness over takes you, it's only you so no biggie if your pussy feels a little greasy, helps when you get naked in your room and play with your self for a bit, maybe unhide your big dildo from the top drawer and use it good on you!! 💋 N... P.s would luv to get my hands and mouth on a thong of yours sexy mom......

    • I’m a 44 year old mom and I sucked and fucked my 24 year old son one evening while we were drinking oh my god that young big dick was so fucking good he and I have had sex twice since then and no drinks were involved he’s so much bigger that his dad we lost his da three years ago and this makes me feel I’m with my husband with a bigger cock and not my son please don’t knock me on this it’s all I have to look forward to

    • My older sister gave me both my first blow job and first time sliding my Dick into pussy was her pussy

    • Nobody knocking you. I thinks its hot. I slept with my stepdaughter many time while married to her mom and for over 2 years after the divorce

    • Thanks

    • You are welcome darling

    • We’re you from ?

    • Stil around?

    • California. You?
      Sicilian071559@gmail if you would like to chat

    • California

    • Would you let him lick your asshole ?

    • Yes I would and anything else he chooses

    • So obviously written by a man...."ropes"...? yeah - a mom wrote that!

    • Agreed. It’s a guy with a mommy thing.

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