Trans girlfriend

So I'm 28 straight, I've been dating a trans for about 2 months, my friends literally don't know, she could definitely pass, she's stunning, the only thing is her adams apple, it's not very noticeable but I just worry they will see. We have amazing chemistry and the sex is beyond incredible. He penis is small and barely noticeable during sex, the only time I feel it is when she's hard and I'm on top of her. She's taking hormones so she even has really nice boobs, they're small but they are nice. I have taken her out on dates and I swear no one can tell. Should I bring her around my friends? Should I tell them she is a guy? I'm afraid of what they might think but I honestly see myself with her long term. She is just so sexy, she does her nails and hair, she's almost too good to be true. Even without makeup she doesn't look like a guy and she says with her hormone therapy she will continue to look more feminine. She has a super high sex drive too which I love. She rides so well, like straight up and down, it feels amazing. Anyways, I know this was random but I'm just excited.

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    • She’s super horny because she has the sex drive of a guy. Because on a DNA level she is a guy. I think you hit the jackpot. Enjoy.

    • No, you should not tell your friends “she’s a guy,” because SHE ISN’T A GUY. You’re dating a woman. This isn’t hard.

    • That’s not a woman. It’s a tranny. Nothing wrong with that, in fact they’re amazing in their own right. But not a woman.

    • He's definitely male, he even tells me he knows he's male he just wants to be female, can't change simple biology. I ended up breaking it off with him. It was great and all but at the end of the day I'm not gay.

    • I was at a country western bar and i ask this gal to dance, she was a tall blonde, after just a couple minutes dancing she says you know i'm a guy right, I said right,that I could tell, I said your probably just what I need tonight, we went to her place. She was hung pretty well, easy going and told me she can get in to anything that I like, we jacked each other off for a while and sucked each others dicks for a while then I give her the best ass fucking that I could, we meet up every few weeks and it is always good sex.

    • Of course you should bring her around your friends--what sort of loser doesn't introduce his girlfriend to his friends? Don't tell your friends she's trans, she'll tell them herself if she feels safe sharing that information.

      I'm very happy for you.

    • You're right, thank you!

    • Lucky guy! I've fucked a transexual but never dated one. We met in a bar and I was drinking. I didn't know until she took me to her place. We foolse around and I felt her crotch. She was tucked and taped and it felt funny. She then told me hmshe had a confession. I didn't care, I was horny and she was still hot! We fucked most of the night and into the morning. I just couldn't get enough! She had a boyfriend, he came home and acted like a bitch, so I said my goodbyes. I tried seeing her again but she said they were working on things and didn't want to co.pmicate things more. I have looked and looked but no luck. I absolutely would bring her around! If she's the one you love, fuck other opinions if negative. True friends will stick around, assholes won't. Don't need friends like that anyways. Good luck honey!

    • That's awesome, I hope u find what you're looking for soon

    • Tell your friends and they might some tranny sex too

    • Not with her! Lol

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