Just gave my first BJ

I'm 29 straight, but have always been curious about giving head. I met a guy in a chat room and drove 2 hours to meet in a parking lot. He was older but in decent shape. I got in his truck and I can tell he's really turned on, he's very forward with me asking if I've ever sucked off a married man before and being real sexual. He wanted to kiss and touch, I had to let him know I was only there to give head. He unzips his pants and pulls them down and my heart is racing. He lays his seat back and I lean over and put it in my mouth and instantly regret it, I really wanted to do it but it didn't make me feel the way I expected it to. I sucked him for a few minutes and stopped. He was super upset, I could tell. He suggests getting a hotel room for a few hours so we can keep trying, so I agreed. We settle in the room and take things slow at first. He turned on some straight porn and we start jerking off together, I finally take off all my clothes and he's in awe of my body, giving me compliments, I began to really enjoy the attention. My heart starts racing and I just go for it, I climb on top of him and start making out with him, it felt so strange but so good at the same time. I'm on top of him kissing him while grinning my ass on his hard cock. He's feeling up my body and I'm turned on as I can get. I go down and start sucking him for a few minutes and he says to slow down he's about to cum, I didn't listen, he starts Cumming in my mouth. I didn't expect it to be so warm and so much of it. I swallow half and had to spit the other half out in the sink. I honestly felt disgusting after like wtf am I doing but at the same time I'm still rock hard and ready to do more. He wanted to get me off so he insisted I fuck him. We didn't have lube so we used shampoo, I'm not into men so he got into doggy, I put a blanket over everything except his butt, I was hesitant but I put it in and just pretended it was a girl's butt. I busted inside him and made a mess all over the bed. As soon as I got off I freaked out. I cleaned up and left without saying a word to him. He was immediately texting me telling me it's ok to be gay, don't be ashamed. I finally blocked him. I still look back at that day and wonder wtf I was thinking.

May 1

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    • Hey you tried it and it wasn't for you. Although you did enjoy it when it was more sensual. You may never do it again, but don't say never. You may end up in a situation with a really nice guy who is as hot as you and takes things slowly. I just think it was a bad first experience and most first times aren't great. What made you want to try it in the first place.

    • Thanks, I actually have a date set up with a cute guy closer to my age this weekend. Going to try again!

    • I'm sorry you had a bad experience. I'm 31, just had sex with a man for the first time. I've been so unfulfilled since my wife cut me off after our last kid was born. This guy was younger than me and much smaller. When I told him it was my first time with a man he was very tender and loving. He sucked my cock so good and let me fuck his tight ass without returning the favor. He said my cock was all he needed and wanted me again. We're meeting again soon and I honestly can't wait to feel his lips on mine and my cock back in his hole.

    • You're experiencing the guilt of accepting who you are. When everyone tells you it's not ok to be gay this is what you feel. Guilt. If you enjoyed it try it again. Be calm and let yourself enjoy it. There will be less or no guilt if you tell yourself that it's ok to find pleasure in another man.

    • I dont think It's who I am, I haven't done it since, I think I was just curious and had to try it out. I still can't get the image of me behind him out of my head. How was he not in pain? He must be used to it lol! I've done some crazy things..

    • Trust me you will suck another cock before long it happens I tried it one time and I didn't think I would ever do it again but I did and I even let guys fuck my ass once you start sucking cock you will be thinking about it more and more.

    • I don't think it'll every happen again. Girls are just so much better..

    • I don't suck cock for the cock, I suck cock for the cum. There is nothing and I mean nothing that tastes better than a hot load in your mouth. Well except 2 hot loads or a creampie cleanup. Try it again!

    • Well just remember there's nothing you can do to change what happened. And you are now a dick sucker and will always be one.

    • No ill never do it again

    • Poofter!

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