We get hot when I flirt with his friends and family

So does my husband.
We married as teens - 18 & 19. So - I've got a great teenager's body and i've been turning on men and boys with it for as long as I can remember!
My MIL has cautioned me a few times - "honey - your bikini is a little too small for family swims!" (husband's younger brothers and his dad are enjoying me too much, I guess!)
I love wearing short-shorts and crotch-cutter jeans during the daytime - and the boys and dad have all gotten glimpses of me scampering about in my bikini panties and 'nipply' shorty tops!
I'm not rude or crude about it - but if they enjoy my inner thighs and the crotches of my panties - I sure don't mind. I tell my husband what I've been up to and then the only problem we have is making too much noise while we fuck each other about my antics!
When we go on outings with his friends - i'm usually the only female - and I enjoy the heck out of giving them a show at bed-time! If we've been drinking too -they might get a little smooch from me as I get ready for bed ("sex!") ,ad the boy across the room gets as nice shot of my tight little ass with my panties up in my butt!
I can't help it - I love men. They love me!
Darkened dances with his friends get a little 'handsy' but nothing too rude....I did see two of them sharing their fingers to their noses after dancing with me. THAT was embarrassing - and so HOT! Glad hubby didn't see that.
It's one story I can save for when he thinks he's too tired to cum in me again!....
Sometimes I think I'm nothing but a tramp. Husband sure enjoys my body - but he says it is my sexy mind that really gets him off!
I guess do think about sex a lot....

Apr 26

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    • Agreed!
      NOTHING is as sexy as a girl with a sexy mind!
      You have a lucky husband!
      Nothing wrong with helping male family members exercise their dicks after glimpses of your hot little body!
      Wish she were my SIL....or daughter-in-law!

    • Nothing like fucking an in law
      Had an affair with my 21 year old SIL for over a year. I was 45 at the time. Fucked 100 times better than her sister lol

    • My wife’s older sister is a better fuck than my wife

    • How old? My wife was 31 when i was fucking her sis. Lil sis was insatiable lol

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