My Obedient Wife

I love my wife. since the day i have met her, she has never refused me anything. its so exciting that i can ask her to do anything and she will do it without question.

for may years i have used this to my pleasure. shes really good in bed and takes direction well.

she has always thought that she is homely. she is in fact beautiful but growing up her family convinced her she was ugly. no matter how many times i tell her shes beautiful she doesnt buy it

recently we were walking a trail when the subject of her looks came up again. as we walked she became insistent she was ugly. we came up on a group pf guys who were fishing at the lake. i stopped and asked them to do me a favor and 'honestly' rate my wife.

they all agreed she had a pretty face. i dont know what came over me but i told her to take off all her clothes. they guys looked shocked and waited to see if she would.

she stripped off her shirt, shorts, shoes and socks, bra then her panties. then stood naked presenting her long blond hair, green eyes on her 5'5'' athletic body. her 34C tits are firm with larger than average nipples. she is shaved and has a muscular ass.

they guys stood silent until one said he wanted to see her pink. she looked at me and i told her to show him. she laid on the grass pulling her kness up and spreading her legs she reached for her pussy and spread it open.

shes beautiful and she had a hot pussy and asshole. i thanked them and she dressed and we headed home.

Apr 26

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    • When my 24 yr old wife had been drinking - my buddies could get her to do things like be the only girl in a game of strip poker!
      She didn't fuck them - but found the best way to deal with their hard-ons while dancing naked with them - was to push their dicks down - spread her legs and hold them tucked up against her pussy. They were not IN her - but she had them lovingly clamped between her soft inner thighs - sliding to and fro through her moist pubes.
      It was sexy as hell to watch....because, you put a stiff dick down there and both girl and boy's nature will take over ....and they'd grab each other's butts and start "fucking" motions down there!

    • My young wife liked to lay naked in our tent - with the flap open so my 4 buds could look at her for as long as they liked.
      We knew they were beating-off every night in their tents.
      This made her super horny!

    • My wife has also taken her clothes off in secluded places in front of several men. But every time that she has done it, she has fucked the guys while I watched and beat off. You should have them fuck your wife next time.

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