Never thought it would happen

My wife and I have been talking about being poly. I had been thinking about bringing it up for months but wasn’t sure how she would take it. When i did bring it up, she asked if I just wanted to see her with another man or if she could have an actual boyfriend. I told her either. She said that she wasn’t opposed to having a fuck buddy but she would rather have someone who would want to do things when I’m not available.

Then after a few weeks of talking, she asked if I just wanted a girlfriend and wanted her to have a boyfriend as an excuse. I told her I didn’t want another woman. She asked how that would work. I told her I wanted to try being with another man. That was an immediate conversation ender. Then a few days later she said she wanted more discussion. I told her that it would be cool having a buddy to swap blowjobs. Men tend to have similar sex drives. That she wrapped her head around.

I had a buddy lined up 3 days later. Told the wife that one of the guys at work hit on me. He has been hitting on me for years and I kept telling him that I’m married and my wife would freak out if we got caught. Well, this time, I took him up on his offer. I didn’t tell the wife that. Just that he hit on me. She said, “Do you want it?” I said, “I dunno. Maybe.” She said, “You two should go out sometime.” I said, “Pretty sure it won’t start that way.” She asked why and I said, “Probably going to be sex first and then who knows later. I don’t see myself as having a boyfriend. Just someone for sexual release.”

Anyway, onto the main reason for this post. She randomly texts friends all the time. Well, she was texting more than usual. I asked who she was talking to. She said it was a guy from work. So a few days pass. Then she texts while she’s at work. I had just gotten home. She said she would be late coming home. I said, “Working late?” She said, “No. Rick asked me for a drink.” I said, “Oh ok.”

Well, she didn’t come home till 4 hours later. I said, “Must have been a few drinks.” She said, “2 drinks. But that’s not why I’m so late.” I said, “Oh yeah?” She didn’t say anything else. I said, “So?” She said, “You really wanna know?” I said, “Yeah.” She said, “We went back to his place.” I said, “You had sex with him?” She said, “Yep.” I said, “Oh bullshit. You didn’t sleep with me on the first date.” She said, “Well, I didn’t know you either. I know rick. Want proof? His cum is still in me.”

Apr 25

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    • Fucking FANTASTIC! I wish you'd gone on to detail what happened next. Did you see her creampie? Did you eat her clean? Have you and your buddy hooked up more? Have you sucked him?

    • When you open up a marriage you have to be ready for wifey to go wild

    • I have a male suck buddy and it is great. We usually get together once or twice a week.

    • I’d like to be in your position. Notwithstanding STDs and STIs.
      I’d really enjoy having a male fuck buddy.

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