Friend's inappropriate comments about my bf

I just started dating this wonderful guy about two months ago. He is a dream: nice job, money, great looking, and is a tiger in bed. Well, my friend Laura and I have been friends since middle school, fifteen years at this point. She's seen me date losers for years, and she's happy that I finally found a great guy.

When we go out together for lunch and stuff, Laura can't keep from talking about my bf. It is like she is more interested in knowing about him than what is going on with me. She is always asking about our sex life, and it makes me uncomfortable. Recently she was over at my place and my bf was there. He showed us his new Jaguar. Laura asked him what the price was, and when he answered, she said, "Wow, for that much money does the car suck your dick?" I looked at my bf like "Huh?" but my bf laughed and said "If it came with a pussy, I would have bought two." It is one of many little inappropriate sexual comments Laura has made around him, and it pissed me off that my bf answered her in a way that egged her on.

Laura is married, happily she tells me, so I don't know what her fascination is with my bf. I feel like she gets into a lather around him, which is making me paranoid. I've talked to her about it, but she plays it off and says that I'm being silly. We've been friends for way too long to let this get between us, but it pisses me off to think that she may want to fuck him.


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  • Keep Laura away from him. She may be married, but she obviously is wet as fuck for your guy. I wouldn't talk much about your boyfriend with her either. Just change the subject whenever she brings it up.

  • Yes, she wants to fuck him, tho you know that. But my concern would be that your bf seems like he would like to fuck her (but we know all guys are dogs). Watch out for signs they may already be doing it.

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