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Answered a criaglist add for a group meet up during lunch hour, i went, a guy in his rob answered the door, two others were in their underwear setting, said hi to everyone then one asked if i was a bottom, i am, he told me to undress and get on the bed, they were all tops, so i did, he leaned back at the head board, i started sucking him, the other lubed my ass and started fucking me hard, he came fast, then the third buried his cock in me, i sucked the first off and the third blows his load in my ass, didnt use a condom, a forth guy showed up while i was getting fucked, he laid me on the table and fucked my ass while the others used my mouth to get hard again, then all continued to fuck me the entire hour until they each had blow their second load, best lunch ever, i meet them once a month to get used, we are all married so i them bareback, i their lil cum slut now

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  • As far as I am concerned, kate and meghan are sluts and whores and I don't think they deserve the respect they get but I would honestly say most women today don't deserve much respect and especially married women with babies are the worst and most selfish and conceited group of women apart from the working rich bitch or the wealthy old battered snakey-sneaky viper horney dirty smelly window who want young men chasing them and singing to them who drink alcohol like its a fish in water really are so annoying. unmarried mothers are complete jerks of people. If it was a man doing the shit scams and hustles they pull off people would be saying "what jerks" but its women being jerks with kids and can't be proper mothers.

    women today have let down the most vulnerable of disability women who are single without love, work or men.

    you ought to be ashamed of yourself for not helping women who have disability and poverty and who don't work, can't find work or husbands and have no real friends and are treated more badly then an abused married woman who does get sympathy because most single women who have been abused or raped or assaulted by strangers and men and female fake friends end up on welfare and can't even have kids and feeling useless, how about you try it for a few years. They hide from the world in self shame for you to be so happy and free and rich and loved up.

    so how does it make you feel kate and meghan to be forced to see how the other half live and forced to help disable single women?
    its about time you were forced to do a lot more and face your victims at eye level, you dirty selfish bitches. who is the fraud now ?

  • Sounds like a lot of fun! To bad you made it all up!

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