Was I wrong or were they?

I'm a married older guy and was in FL with my wife a month ago (March) and spent time at the beach. Obviously beaches these days offer dizzying array of sights and there seems to be no such thing as modesty any more. And younger girls seem to be pushing the envelope the most. So I'm in line at a beach fast food shack maybe 3 or 4 back from the window. In front of me is a father daughter couple (that was clearly the relationship based on their chatting) and I'm going to guess she was 13, but it's hard to tell. She was wearing a thong and the back was so thin you couldn't even see it, just her ass. It was as if she was naked down tbere. And when she occasionally turned, the front was not covering much more. Same with top, not much to it and she was fairly developed.

I was not trying to look at her or glare or anytbing, but she's literally 2 feet in front of me for 5 minutes, so unless I closed my eyes or looked up at the sky not looking wasn't really an option. It may have been my imagination but the dad kept looking around and could clearly observe that guys were checking his daughter out and I swear he seemed kind of pleased about that.. And they were actually making a point of staring at her, unlike me. He was the steroid-pumped gym rat type who enjoyed attention himself. At one point her dad turns around and looks at me and thinks he sees me looking toward his daughter's ass. Now I'm not going to lie, she had a spectacular ass and I glanced occasionally, but she's right there, I didn't go looking for it. He says to me "take a picture, it lasts longer". I was kind of pissed. She obvious!y wanted to show off and be seen and he was obviously more than fine with that. I wasn't going to act like I'd done anything wrong because I hadnt. So I said, "sure, or why don't you buy her shorts, they don't cost that much".The whole thing then escalated from there and was almost a fight (which would not have ended well for me) and the daughter even jumped in calling me a perv. Did I do anything wrong? I mean he was basically mad at me for being in line behind his nearly naked daughter. I'm just tired of people who want to be seen and want attentuon, but if you give them any (and I really wasnt) they act offended.

Apr 20


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    • I love seeing other men perv over my daughter at the gym,she's a personal trainer with an amazing body,she wears really tight clothing and you can see everything,her nipples poke through her top and you can make out the outline of her pussy,a few of my mates train there and I've heard them talk to each other not knowing I'm there saying stuff like id lick her ass cheeks for hours! I also know that she's fucked a couple of the male fitness trainers there and have also heard two of them talk about fucking her and whether she let the other cum in her mouth

    • So these young things were basically NOTHING and we are not supposed to look??? Not lol

    • Not wrong at all

    • No, fuck that guy. You're in the right.

    • Bet old Dad was enjoying peeks of that tush all day! and was secretly proud at the attention he little ass was getting!

    • I know I used to love it when my daughters wore those things.

    • Erick loves to be a woman who loves to suck HUGE PENIS ๐Ÿ‘„๐Ÿ‘„Erick loves to be a woman who loves to suck HUGE PENIS ๐Ÿ‘„๐Ÿ‘„Erick loves to be a woman who lo

    • No you are not wrong

    • When a young female bares her entire bottom to the public - men are going to look at it!
      If the kid is very young - it is still going to happen - we'll just feel a little creepy for enjoying it - but there it is!
      Actually - the young ones have the much better, firmer & tight little asses!

    • Agreed

    • No, you're not wrong.
      At the water park last summer I climbed the stairs more than once behind the sweetest pair of bare ass cheeks any men's mag could print!
      Suddenly - very young teens and even pre-teens are wearing thong one-piece suits....it is like they have no pants on when seen from the rear! And climbing the stairs behind one for 5 mins is a real boner-going to happen! Where the hell are you supposed to look?!

    • Oh wow, on the stairs. Yes that would put it in your face for sure. Lol

    • I found this posting very well written and would like photos and more like the dad said. That was quite the sight I imagine. What were they thinking dressing like that?

      dakota.2003@yahoo.com. Anyone want to talk?

    • Sent you couple of emails

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