Wife exposed seethrough yoga pants

So my wife is absolutely NOT into exhibitionism and gets uncomfortable when someone could see a bit too much of her...

Lately she ordered leggings online (for yoga class) and tried them on. Then she turned around and bent over and asked me if I can see something or if it was opaque and safe. And boy... that thing went almost completely transparent! I literally saw her pussy and her anus! I was perplexed for the moment and then I heard me saying: Nope honey, all good. Can´t see a thing. - Good she said - I like this one, it´s comfy. And then, she just continued wearing it until she left for yoga class in THAT particular leggings. Yes I felt bad for that but I was so aroused when I imagined her doing the yoga poses and the guy or girl behind her just has to see it.

I was so excited that when she had left I waited for 10 min and then I jumped into my car and drove to the gym where her yoga class was and where I also go to exercise. The lesson had just started and from the brochure stand I was able to get a good view through the classrooms window. So I could pretend I was browsing the brochuers and nobody would get suspicious. My wife was in the penultimate row on the outside with just one woman behind her. My heart was racing.... The woman behind my wife quickly realized the wardrobe malfunction of my wife. I could tell, because while the whole class already bent down for a yoga pose she was the last one standing straight and staring at my wifes ass. And that was when I thought it´s over - she surerly tells her whats going on. But she didn´t!!!! She continued to stare at my wifes ass whenever she could. She was always the last one to start the exercise. I couldn´t watch the entire yoga class, because it would have been noticed by the gym staff so I left an drove back home.

On the way home I felt bad again... what if the woman decided to tell her though? My wife would be really angry with me. But when she came home, she didn´t say anything. So obviously nobody told her about her exibitionism.

Her next yoga class is in two days... what should I do? Tell her, or let her go to class "naked" again? The risk is, that this time somebody else will be behind her and tell her whats going on...

Apr 20

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    • The woman watching her ass and pussy was probably bi or a lesbian and was enjoying the show

    • So hot! I hope you licked that sweaty yoga ass

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