My father in law

Okay,, so this story is true and I can't tell anyone so I got this site open. Omg I can't thing straight after what my father in law has just done. He was a big flirt since the start but one day he came and start rubbing his bum and playfully stopped him and starting smiling brushing it off as if it s joke. My husband And I are not on good terms and the only thing keeping me in this marriage is my father in law. So one day he came over and I was out in the pool trying to get some sun and when I opened the door he went blank and said looking good mama. I invited him in grab a drink and offered him he was busy looking at my big boobs and drop all the drink I quickly grabbed the napkin and started cleaning it off he just held me and started kissing me. He then pushed on the sofa and buried his face in my pussy. Omg the sensation they locked me and licked me all over he sucked me like crazy he then tried to dry humpped me which I enjoy. Now ever since this happened he never stops to look for an opportunity to suck me again he doesn't wanna fuxk just wanna burry his gorgeous face in my pussy and keep licking it he doesn't it everywhere in the bathroom, kitchen and once he just had me on. The kitchen floor husband is away on business and he doesn't wanna stop and wants to continue sucking my pussy even after he returns. I love it and I don't feel guilty things he does with his tongue I can't explain. He once told me he wants face fuck me at all times. Plays with my boobs and fingers me but mainly loves seeing my face when he is playing with me pussy, he enjoys watching me open my legs and rubs my pussy like his personal toy once it's wet he goes down for so long. He one time told me to send him pics of my pussy he wants to look at it before sleeping his man is crazy about my pussy and I love it. My husband is away for work alot and I don't even miss him. As soon as he is away I just crawl back to my FIL and he goes down on me and show me magic. It's been 4 years I'm getting this pleasure from him. But I want to convince him to let me suck him too which I want too badly al night long his cock is so big. I wanna lick it and suck it. How can I convince him to do a 69 I really want his big dick in my mouth, I want his cum wanna swallow it. Want a video of myself sucking if and deep throat.?

Apr 20


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    • Oh wow. Only thing that can compete with the touch and talented tongue of an older man is a young BBC that stays hard all night long.

      Lucky lady

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