Found my wife's diaries

Earlier this year I read my wife's diaries from when she was in her early twenties. I scanned for sexual encounters and found a bunch. It really turned me on to read about her having sex with other men. It was all quite tame but she her lustful words really got me horny. I've thought a lot about her sexual history ever since. I love the to think about moments where she is has been with other men — when her pussy got wet and she felt overwhelmed with desire. I love to think about her feeling intense pleasure. I can't stop thinking about moments that she orgasmed, and other men shot sperm inside her cunt. I love to think about her fingering herself, dreaming of being fucked. I want to ask her about her experiences and get her horny over them again. I want to fantasise with her about having group sex. My dream scenario would be to one of two men undressing her...putting out hands into her knickers and touching her up. I'd love to watch another man penetrate her bareback. I'd wank off watching. I have this image of her being fucked from behind while standing against a wall, and me being between her legs licking her clit as she has a big hard cock inside her. I'm a little bit bi so I'd happily lick his shaft too. But it's not about me, it's about her pleasure. It would end by him cumming inside of her without a condom and her orgasming.

Apr 12


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    • My biggest turn on is when my wife is high on weeds and tells me how she lost her virginity. I love to hear her story of how she fucked two men in one of her business trips, though not a threesome, but still so hot to hear the details. It is like hearing her moan while taking that big cock.

    • One of the reasons that I divorced my wife of 40 years is that I found her diaries of her teen years and first few years of our marriage.
      Found them in MIL's attic. She had ask me to move some stuff around for her. I happened on them quite by accident. They were certainly eye opening. For a woman that never liked sucking cock, it seems that she not only enjoyed the taste and got off on the satisfaction of pleasing her partner, she also was a size queen as this guy was big, or that guy was disappointing. Oh her comments that she'd suck a guy of because he always came quickly, then sex lasted longer and was better.
      Some she wrote about in dreamy fashion, some just facts, as I fucked Bill because we were both bored and was surprised that he was so good.
      None the less, what got me is that she was never like that with me, in fact she told sex was so like a chore.
      Oh when we got married I had an unaccompanied tour and she found a couple guys that scratch her when she felt itchy.
      I guess that you really don't know someone that can look you in the eye and lie thru their teeth, then when you confront them, they blame you.
      The only comfort I get is that I don't have that anchor around my neck and I didn't pay a dime to her as I said I'd put her shit on the internet and she caved.

    • So you held it against her for stuff she did as a teenager? Sounds like you were just a little bit pissed off because she had a lot bigger cock and she loves sucking them rather than yours. I have a wife that has suck dick ever since we got married with other men and it does not bother me in the least she needs it and I'm happy with her

    • Sounds like my second wife lol

    • No. Share them

    • They should remain private.

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