I love other men to see me naked. Husband does not know. So I have him take vids of me that he thinks are for his eyes only. SHHHHHHH...
If you send me a face pic will gladly send the vids. I get turned on seeing who is looking at me.
Hope to hear back .....keep what I send to yourself
1.me taking a shower
2.driving my car naked
3.outdoors in just garter and stockings
5.walking around house naked
etc etc

Apr 9

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    • Please email me sphiil@aol.com

    • Haha! This guy even comments on his own post to make it seem more real 🤡

    • Garymontague10@gmail.com

    • I don't like pix or vids i like live show on vc

    • Has anyone send her a email and got pictures back?

    • If they sent a face pic they got vids....those who say I am fake probably sent nothing...they are just grumpy guys who ruin everyones day. Send if you like see what happens no pressure, no sense being on here if you are that distrustful. Send me your email I will send first. But that is one reason why I don't trust guys they say 'prove it to me' then you send them a pic and never hear again. rbdemar@yahoo.com

    • Hahaha! You people are so blinded by your desperate horniness. This is obviously fake!

    • You see like the type.who likes to ruin other peoples...did you email me if you did not why you telling people I am a fake. You must be a democrat .....

    • And why would you say that ....how can you say something is fake ...must be that you have been burned in someway at sometime in someplace by someone

    • I would love to changed picture for videos

    • Send a face pic to rbdemar@yahoo.com Carol here keep to yourself

    • Ttaormina95@gmsil

    • Send a face pic to rbdemar@yahoo.com Carol here keep to yourself husband does not know shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • Smittychris4@gmail.com

    • My husband does not know....send a face pic to rbdemar@yahoo.com Carol here keep to yourself

    • Mke2001w8tr@gmail.com, show me everything

    • Mike shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh keep what i send to yourself send a face pic to rbdemar@yahoo.com Carol

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