Stranger massaged my sun on video

My ex was a 5’4” 120lb brown/blue 34c sub and she LOVED the lifestyle. She did as I told her with never a hesitation. One of the first things she experienced was a Saturday night visit to my apartment complex pool.

Since she wasn’t allowed to wear anything I threw her one of my t shirts which hung on her petite body. I worked out some covert hand signals so I could have her do what I wanted without saying a word.

She sat on the side of the hot tub with her feet in the water. I had her pull the t shirt out from under her ass a pull it up so it barely covered her shaved pussy.

I noticed an overweight middle aged guy eyeing her. I walked to stand next to him and said “she’s pretty hot huh?” He agreed and just stared . I signaled her to open her legs. She did revealing her sweet pussy. After a short while he said he had to go back to his apartment. I think to jerk off.

I suggested we walk back with him since my apartment was on the way. I asked if he knew how to give a massage. He said he did. I asked if he would massage Paula and he agreed.

My massage table was already set up since I was planning on massaging her anyway. I closed the door and told Paula to strip and lay on the table on her stomach.

Me and our new friend began to massage her. I motioned for him to massage her ass. Then I backed off and let him massage her. His hands ran between her legs but held short of touching her pussy.

I waited for him to grow a pair when he didn’t I ordered Paula to lie on her back and spread her legs. When she did I told him to play with her pussy. (I have video if you want to see). When she came I told her to thank him for playing with her. She slid her head to his crotch, reached under his loose fitting shorts band fining his cock sucked him until he seemed to panic and left.

Leave your email if you want to see the vid

Apr 8


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