Facesitting teen

I am a 47 years old woman and I have this fetish to sit on younger girls face and make them eat my pussy
I love to dominate them make them my little bitchs
I love to make the suffer and bagging for me to get of their faces so the could breath
One time I was having a secret relationship with one of my daughters friend
She was about a 18 and she just want to explore her sexuality
So I was there to help 😉
She was small and had thin body I had so much fun with her
I make her carry all my 190 pounds on her little back I make her my little pony girl
She was enjoying being my slave
After an half hour I make her lay on her back on ground and I put all my weight on her face
I make her eat my pussy
And I rode her little nose so hard til it turns red
I smother her and make her my seat for as long as I want
And form that moment I discover my role in life to sit on top of young girls faces
My daughter friend still my bitch she is 21 now and still come to me whatever I want a slut to sit on

1 month ago


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    • What if she smothered to death?

    • Well there's that one guy on here who's anti-incest but also a necrophiliac so I guess he can fuck the dead young girl since that's what he's into

    • What, as long as he's not related to her?

    • Exactly

    • Fascinating.

    • You are getting so desperate it is sad! Replying to yourself how sad.

    • Another bull shit post by the sad old loser who posts here all day. Go home little boy the only desperate sad one is you!

    • See now you’re just replying to yourself

    • Fuck you lady balls you sad loser you live in your mommas trailer! Here I come a fabulous trans queen will get up on your face and put it down your little boy throat that will shut you up!

    • Do you ever make the poopoo in her mouth? Please tell us about making in her mouth.

    • I would love to see you with my teen niece while she taste that sweet pussy of yours

    • Oooo mine too I hopes you got a big hairy pussy with flappy lips sit on my niece face she 15 and I stick a vibrating dildo up her

    • Good God you are so so so so so so lucky!!!

    • Dear Madam Secretary,

      While I admire you and your work for the Clinton Foundation, respectfully, this is not an appropriate platform to air your views.

      Thank you very much.

    • First off, fuck you to death ! If I want to ride teenaged face, I fucking well will ! You can take your right wing ass barnacles and make a toxic chowder out of them, feed it to your malformed zygotes, your single digit IQ progeny, and your dying mama, for all I care.

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