Wife stays in Florida

My wife and I rented a house in Florida for a couple of weeks. I just got home yesterday but my wife decided to stay for a while. She was attracted to the guy that lives next door to the house we rented.
One evening my wife invited him over for burgers and beer and the evening ended with him fucking my wife while I watched. After he came in her, I sucked his come out of my wife's cunt before I fucked her. Then he fucked her again and also the next morning.
My wife asked if she could stay with Stan for a while. I told her that I had to get back home for work, but she didn't have to be back and could stay for a while.
My wife asked how long she could stay with Stan, and I told her that a couple of weeks would be fine.
Now we will see how long it is before she comes back home. This isn't the first time that she has stayed with another man. The previous times, she stayed anywhere from a couple of days to over six months. I think that this time she will probably break her record and stay over six months again.

Apr 9

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    • That wouldn't work for me. She'd get served while she was down there

    • Good boy! I would pat your head if I could.

    • I never thought that our marriage was going to last as long as it has because I started cheating on him just a couple of months after we were married. And when he found out he told me that I didn't have to sneak around behind his back and he gave me permission to sleep with other men. I really thought that he didn't care about me and he didn't love me. But that wasn't true he never treated me any different and he would make love to me right after I had been with someone else. I would stay with a man for weeks at a time and I would call him and he just wanted to know that I was okay and he always told me to have fun with whoever I was with at the time..I realized that he really loved me and just wanted me to be happy. He even let one of my lovers move in with us for a few months and he sheared me with him. It was like having two husband's at the same time.

    • You are a very kind and thoughtful husband. My husband doesn’t care to share me. I lie, and actually have to take business trips to getaway with my lover.

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