Curious mama

Shortly after I got married my mother ask my wife if I was normal sexually, she was raising a son and didn't quite know how to control me. She tried with being nude for me sometimes, keeping a type magazine, a crime magazine that in the back was ads for dildos and all sort of sexual things, there was touching, me touching her tits a lot when she had me wash her back ,just many visual things mostly harmless but kept me turned on and very horny, I liked to ask questions that a son would not ask, like do you ever get a big dick and do you like to suck dick, would she give two guys some pussy together and lots of things like that. I felt liked she enjoyed me asking her these things. My wife didn't tell her that I was bi sexual and liked to be chuckholed, jacks off a lot, and that I use many sexual devices on her and myself.

Apr 9

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