Cought masterbating

Im 12 years old and i finger myself allote im always worried that i am going to get caught im worried that my doctor will find out sometimes my step bro caught me but i was freaking out and so scared that he would tell my mom or my step dad i allways think about that and get scared that he will tell someone i told my cousoin she told me that all girles do it at one piont in time and people would just half the get used to it so is she right

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  • Looks like you were fingering yourself whilst typing your confession left handed !!!

  • I get off better when I think of getting caught. My uncle caught me and I was so excited. He's 10 yrs my elder so maybe he held back on touching me. Is it wrong to want him inside me?

  • I started when I was like 8. Now I am 12 and want another boy to give me pleasure. I am always horny and masturbate daily. I imagine someone rubbing me. I think it is normal because the feeling has lasted for years and my friends say the same.

  • So Chelsea Handler (comedian)does this whole bit about how she started masturbating at a sleep over when she was 8 and couldn't stop, even at the dinner table sitting next to her brother....If she can get up on stage an tell thousands of people this, don't feel embarrassed to tell your story here, looks like only a couple hundred people read this.

  • Hinthint do it in the shower and keep quite! Don't moan no sound ;D Make up scenarios in your mind, and keep it silent! Best way to do it n.n

  • The guy below me shut the fuck up nobody wants your input you are a bitch or ass hole that thinks he or she knows everything so shut up u cunt

  • *caught
    *A lot.

    "sometimes my step bro caught me but i was freaking out and so scared that he would tell my mom or my step dad" LEARN TO USE FREAKING PROPER TENSES.

    and there are SOOO many more spelling errors.
    Don't you dare complain about school. They're trying to help idiots like you.

  • This first sentence goes the the comment below mine!

    You're never to young or old to masturbate; in fact research shows that children start touching themselves for pleasure as young as infancy, humans are naturally sexual beings so why would anyone want to disrupt the natural essense of human sexuality by comdeming it as a perversion? masturbation is nothing more then the purest form of self love and self pleasure, your a normal young girl so don't worry about it just keep it private to keep from possibly offending other.

  • 12 is a little young dont cha think???

  • The person who said (12 is a little young )no its not some girles startat 8-9 in that range

  • It is totally normal for girls and boys your age to masturbate. It's just part of growing up. Try to keep it private, but if a grown-up finds out, they really shouldn't freak out -- they were probably doing the same thing when they were 12.

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