Came home early an caught my mother in law getting licked out by our family pet she didn't know I seen her as she came hard .the next day I did the same. An caught her getting fucked by the family pet has anyone caught family members or friends doing stuff like this .

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  • Just knowing that I might get caught is a big turn on for me. I was 14 yrs old we have a rott/lab mix, that I'd been letting fuck my pussy for about a year now, when no one was home. Well one sunday dad went to play golf, mom and my sister went shopping, and I set out to box up stuff i. The garage fo Good Will. Well it was warm out, and hot in the garage, no one home, so what the heck I stripped out of my sweats to just my underwear and kept working. Well I was still sweating a little, and hadn't showered since Friday. So my pussy was smelling strong. Well the dog kept sticking his nose between my legs and licking me, expecially everytime I bent over. Well I finally gave in, dropped my panties down and got down on my hands and knees, and let him mount me. Oh god it felt good as his cock entered me, it started to grow the faster he pumped me. I'm not sure how long he fucked my pussy, lost track of time, then his knot entered me and stared swelling up locking us together. As he started pumping load after hot load of his dog cum into my pussy, I heard the garage door srart going up. Their was nothing I could do, we were knotted together, unable to pull apart. I knew I was caught, only thing that might save me is if mom didn't look behind the stack if boxes, and the dog didn't start to whine when he heard her voice. Luckily she pulled in the garage, mom and my sister got out unloaded the car and went inside. My sister started cslling for the dog, he tried to run but I grabbed onto the leggs of the work bench and held on. All of a sudden his knot ripped out of my pussy tearing my pussy opening just a little, but shit did it hurt, plus a major turn on almost getting caught. I had a body rocking orgasm. Ever since then I've been more daring when have sex with him. Taking chances where I might get caught.

  • Wish you were my wife we could play together with our dogs

  • Get her on camera doing it and you will literally own her. You can get her to do anything you ever want.

  • I did on my phone an I get her give me head an fuck her when ever I want

  • You're full of shit.

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