A few years ago I worked a silly shift which meant I had most of the day free, so to earn extra money I did peoples gardens. By word of mouth I was offered a garden that had been left unkempt for years which belonged to a woman in her late sixties. It was a monumental task but slowly over the summer and into the autumn I started to make it look ship shape.
One afternoon she invited me into her house for a glass of wine which was a bit early for me but I accepted. I didn’t really like going in because she had cats, I like cats but this house stank of cat piss. In fact the whole house was a mess.
While sipping wine and chatting I heard the front door open, then shut, some heels click clacking down the hall and the this woman was stood in the lounge doorway looking surprised. Sheila, the older woman introduced the new arrival as her daughter Charlotte.
Charlotte was very small, not pretty at all but she had big tits, and very chunky thighs. She said “0h the gardener” when her mother told her who I was whilst trying to look down her nose at me, difficult seeing she wasn’t much over four feet tall and me over six feet. She turned on her ridiculously high heel and strutted away. Her arse was an eye magnet.
I saw very little of Charlotte the snooty cow as I called her but I learned she fucked two wealthy older men who bought her presents as her mum put it.
One day it was pissing down so I rang Sheila to say I wouldn’t be over but she asked me if I could hang a door for her. I said I could but I also said doors could be a bugger to do so I packed loads of tools in my car and drove over to her house. The door turned out to be for Charlottes room and I had a bit of a shock. It was a pig sty. An utter shit tip. Clothes everywhere, I don’t know how she slept in her bed, drawers and wardrobe left open with clothes stuffed in them. I saw the snooty bitch in a different light.
Sheila asked me if I could do the job, completely ignoring we were looking at a bomb sight. I told her it would be a struggle but yes, I could. She said she was off out shopping and would be a while and to make myself a cup tea whenever I wanted one.
The door took no time at all to hang and I had to use my foot to clear enough space to open and close the door. As I did this I saw a pair of her knickers rolled up so I had a look at them, a thong, lurid green and worn. I had to have a sniff, as you do and of course, I got a stiffy. I decided to have a rummage through this shit tip of a bedroom and found loads of mucky knickers of different kinds and hues, a couple of vibrators, dildos, one being like strange cone thing, a pair of chained nipple clamps. I was really turned on because I didn’t like this bitch but she was sexy. Best of all I found some Polaroids of her, she was younger, one of her exposing her enormous tits, a couple with a dildo in her fanny but best of all one with her looking over her shoulder, showing off her fantastic arse. I found a pair of satin knickers and had a wank into them and I came like a train.
I put the photos back where I found them but kept the one showing her lovely bum and two pairs of her worn knickers which I eventually had to washed and which I still have stashed away today . Tragically, the photo got ruined.
I had several more opportunities to rummage through her stuff and I always wanked into a pair of her knickers of which she had dozens and dozens of. I don’t know or care if Charlotte knew what I was doing but I’d liked to have seen what she did with that purple cone thing.
A bonus was that Sheila paid me very well for my services.

Apr 8

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    • When I was 16, I used to help this widow woman with her garden. So many years ago, I wasn't a good judge of age, maybe she was 60, but she was very attractive. She had a nice garden. Raised beds, raspberry bushes, grapes. it was immaculate. she asked my mother if I could help her as he leg was in a cast.
      she used to sit on a chair and direct what she wanted done. she taught me a lot about plants and used to have me bring stuff over to her and then she'd explain all the details about it.
      She even kept me employed after she got out of the cast. She'd get down and help and she wore loose clothing and no bra and panties, so I was often distracted by looking at those heavenly breasts or catching a glance at her beautiful pussy, and I don't think she minded one bit at me looking.
      She even had this outdoor shower to clean up before she went into the house because her house was as immaculate as the garden, which she used several times while I was there.
      I wish that I could write something like, oh she seduced me, oh we had crazy sex after work. No, I was this shy stupid that just sat there and stared, hey that was 30 some years ago and I'm still kicking myself in the ass for being so dumb.

    • A decent and believable account. I would have pushed that little cunt into the pile of clothes and rammed her until the sun came up!

    • I hardly ever saw her. I think she probably had more blokes on the go than her mother admitted to but I always imagined fucking her arse and making the bitch squeal when I wanked with her knickers.

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