Curious about if any ladies have had some unexpected pleasurable experiences at the gyno's office. I know it's not a comfortable thing, but can't help but wonder. My gf has had a handsome Dr and she said she was soaking and turned on. Her friend mentioned similar, with a female Dr ,who she said was gorgeous. But the docs were always professional, even though the patients were up for anything.. Please share any memories..

Apr 8


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    • I used to work at a gyno's office, and I had a clear, plastic speculum. Before I let my one-night stands put their hard cocks inside me, I inserted it and had them take a long look with a flashlight. I told them to respect it and love it. They always did. I don't think it turned them on any more than they already were, but it did wonders for me. I felt empowered, and they said it was an education.

    • I dated a gyno a few years back. He took me to his office onr night and did a naughty exam on me and lord was it the best experience I ever had. Never been more wet and turned on in my life.

    • Oh wow! So hot! I can only imagine what he did to you! Do tell about though...

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