Mile High Club, Light

I was on a flight recently that was not very full at all. Nobody in my row, either side, and a couple in front of me, but nobody across the aisle from them. When we were in the terminal waiting, the woman had looked at me a number of times and smiled a smile that seemed to convey something more. When we boarded and they sat in front of me she again gave me an extra long gaze and cute smile.

It was a 2 hour flight and about 30 minutes in they started getting romantic. I could only see through the crack between the seat, and it didn’t help that they’d put the armrest up, but his seat was slightly reclined and hers was not so there was an opening and I could see enough. She was in the middle seat and he was window. I was middle.

It didn’t take too long before he repositioned and was leaning back to the window with his legs stretched out across her. She unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I couldn’t see for sure but I think she had her left hand down her pants because she was moving like she was masturbating. They had a blanket and he pretended he was sleeping. She was keeping an eye out for the flight attendant but when the coast was clear the blanket came off and I could see she was jerking him off. He was clearly in the upright and locked position….his cock, not his seat. It seemed to me the flight attendant knew but was indifferent. This was not her first rodeo. They knew I was behind them but I figured either they didn’t think I could see or didn’t care. Or, as I quickly learned, they enjoyed being watched, because she turned and looked through the crack and saw me watching, smiled again, winked, then went back to work.

This went on for about 15 minutes and I didn’t take my eyes off of his cock being stroked as I didn’t want to miss the show. I’ll give them credit for being silent but suddenly he let out a moan and quite clearly said “I’m gonna cum”. And boy did he cum. He gushed out a very big load. When he finished cumming, she turned and looked at me again. That was better than any in-flight movie.

After landing and preparing to de-plane we were just waiting and of course chatted. I said I enjoyed that. Turns out they do this all the time, and usually under much more crowded conditions. She even said more than a few strangers sitting in the aisle seat to her left have benefitted from a nice stroking too. “Too bad” she said “the seat was empty this trip. You should have moved”. Omg, if only I had known.

Apr 8

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