Dirty father in law

My mother in law suddenly passed away 2 years ago,leaving my husbands dad Jack alone,it really hit him hard,Jack is 4 years older at 72,we all went around as often as we could but being self employed along with my husband,spare time was pretty hard to come by,so I asked my friend nina who is a carer to pop round whenever she could for a bit of company,I've been with my husband Sean since our school days and nina lived 2 Streets behind us, so both families had known each other for 40 odd years,one evening after work I was driving past Jack's house and saw nina's car outside so I parked up and walked in the front door,hello I said? No reply! Nina's mobile was on the hallway table then I heard groaning noises coming from upstairs,up I headed,the noises became louder,I could see the front bedroom door was slightly ajar so I peeked in only to see Jack fucking nina from behind on the bed!! Wtf! Nina was clearly enjoying it when all of a sudden her phone rang from downstairs and she looked up at the door seeing me spying!! Fuck she said Jack stop ffs! Why what is it he said? Alison is here! You what! Jack then looked towards the door!! Shit it's not what it looks it just happened! Really I said! Nina crawled forward off Jack and his cock dropped out of her! I couldn't help but look! Nina could see my face,I know she said look at it Al!! My father in laws dick was massive! You should feel it nina said! Nina ! Jesus he's my father in law ffs,remember all the things we used to get up to in our younger days Al! Life is boring as hell these days, nina myself and my husband Sean had a few threesomes back in the day that nina blurted out to Jack! So my son has had the two of you together has he! Yeah but his cock isn't anything like that nina said! Behave yourself nina was Christ sake,oh cmon Al get them off! Have you still got that hairy pussy I used to love licking! Well isn't my daughter in law quite the girl Jack said kneeling there stroking his cock! I'm here now I thought! I was wearing my work clothes,I undid my blouse and stepped out of my trousers,there I was stood in front of my 72 year old father in law in my underwear,I took my bra off and pulled my knickers down! Mmmm I knew she'd still have her bush nina laughed! Suck your father in laws cock Al!! Jack's face said it all as he wanked himself off,I climbed on the bed and cupped his balls before taking over the wanking! So my cock is that much bigger than my sons is it! I slowly lowered my head down and took his cock in my mouth! Ooh yes that's it Alison just like that! I nearly choked on it! I gagged and nina giggled,I could feel her hand between my legs rubbing my hairy pussy,I felt her tongue on my arsehole,I started moaning as I sucked on Jack's cock,did you know your daughter in law loves being fucked in her ass! Does she now the dirty bitch! My lucky son has fucked your arse then has he? I leaned back from his cock looked up at him and said I love a good arse fuck! I can vouch for that nina said! Look I've got two fingers in her now!! I hadn't realised! Omg Al your pussy is soaking wet my best friend said! Picture it,two 44 year old married mothers and with one of their in laws naked on the bed!! You want to feel his cock in you hun? I turned over onto my back and parted my legs! If only Sean could see you now his father laughed out!! As he offered his cock to my pussy,fuck your cock is big I moaned out!! He got into a rhythm and started fucking me good!! How's he feel Al nina asked? Shut up and sit on my face you slut! My god you pair are really filthy Jack said! It had been a really long time since I'd tasted pussy mmmm nina's cunt was as nice as ever!!! So Jack do you want to fuck your daughter in laws arsehole? He grinned from ear to ear! Did you ever fuck Sheila's bum I asked him? I'm 72 years old and I've never fucked a woman's ass Jack said!! Wow really I replied mmmm so I'm your first!! Put that pillow under my bum nina,you clearly know what you're doing don't you Jack laughed,go on then put it in my bum !! Jesus that's tight my father in law commented on my arsehole!! Slowly slowly I pleaded!! Once he was halfway inside me I relaxed my hole! Fuck it was mind blowing feeling his length,can you take it all Alison? Nina asked!! Fuck that ass Jack,he pushed all of the way in to me!! Wow Jack said I didn't think an arse would open up so much!!! My hole began to get lose as he pounded me,take it out Jack nina said,as he slipped out of me he looked down at my gaping arsehole! Fucking hell Alison I hope it goes back to normal for my sons little dick!!! Stop it I said,both me and nina finished Jack off with our mouths,we'd never seen so much cum!! It must have been years worth!! Hope you all enjoyed xx

20 days ago

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