My dirty but lovely SIL

My SIL, aged 55, would definitely invite me to a weekend whenever we come across. But at my age of 30 I would love to spend with girls of my age. However, I always liked her flirty nature and would often tease me about stealing her used panties soon after her marriage and she too caught me as I used to hide them under my bed! This time my brother left for a fortnight on business to another city and I agreed to meet my SIL for a couple of days to give her company. So I drove to her home. She greeted me with open arms, hugged tight and kissed me on the lips. She smelled salty or sweaty to me! She asked me whether I still love used panties and I told her yes, and I do like mature women too. She told me she hadn’t taken her panties off for the whole day. Accepting that I allowed her to flirt sluty with me and I reciprocated too as I was getting horny. While hugging and feeling her back we just leant on to each other and our lips pressed together. She wrapped her arms around me and moaned as we kissed hard and passionately and when I kissed her neck she caught my head and pushed me down to her cleavage.
I unbuttoned her blouse – she was bra-less. Her pretty ample boobs, still with little sag, had a nice pair of nips! I suppose my brother treated them well into an inch long! Soon I buried my face into her cleavage, she was at my waist, pulling them down. The tops of her boobs had light stretch marks in them and I flicked my thumb over her nips and lightly pinched it to make it hard. Her nipple tightened into a hard, wrinkled brown knot and she cried out as I sucked it hard into my mouth as her fingers grasp my hairs tight. I did the same to the other nip and began to knead her tits in my hands as she was swearing dirty words and moaning.
She pushed my head down to her stomach. Her belly was soft with a nice round bulge and it felt so erotic to kiss her round stomach and lick her large navel. Her black sheer panties covered most of her pussy hair but there was still some peeking over the top, leading up towards her abdomen. She raised one of her legs up and placed her foot on a chair. All this time she had been directing me to where she wanted me and now it was clear she wanted my mouth all over her smelly pussy. The smell was incredible - a mixture of pee and unwashed pussy – I was so aroused that I wanted to taste it all. I love used panties and collected many from the public launderettes to smell, chew and masturbate but the one of SIL’s on her was incredible, OMG!!
I sucked the fabric into my mouth and the strong flavor made me moan. She pulled my head hard against her spread out thighs so that my mouth was under her pussy. I worked my tongue along the crotch area of her panties that now embedded between her pussy lips, and the salty juice infiltrated into my mouth.
I pulled the crotch of the panties to one side and looked at her cunt. She was covered in dark hair all the way to the top of her panties. Those engorged lips were light brown and warm, hanging down quite well. The clit was hidden by its hood and then the bush of hair. She pulled my mouth into her again and I pushed my tongue as far into her unwashed and sexy cunt. I turned my head to one side and tried to fuck her with my tongue and as I pulled her lips apart with my fingers, my mouth filled with drops of pee, all salty and tangy tasting juices.
She urged me to continue as she began to rub her clit with one of her hands, the other firmly held my head there. From her movement and moans I thought her orgasm was near she cried out louder and squatted down further allowing me to push my tongue deeper between her slit.
Suddenly her body bucked and I pulled my tongue from inside her cunt and started sucking on the pussy lips, and as she let go of her clit with a huge squirt of hot fluid filling my mouth and covered my face – stream of hot pee! It tasted bitter but was not unpleasant. I pulled away my mouth a bit to watch and one more squirt covered my face and then gave way to a trickle down my neck and her thigh and she came over and over. She steadied herself holding back rest of the chair.
I stood up, my mouth filled with a strong aftertaste, my shirt and jeans soaked and my face smelling of piss and orgasm. My jeans were still around my ankles and my hard cock pushed against my shorts. I looked at my SIL struggling to stand. Her ample pair of tits looked firmer and the hard nipples pointed slightly upward. Now on her two feet, legs were soaked, as were her panties and her face was sweaty and shiny. With disheveled mass of hair, she looked like a gorgeous slut. I desperately wanted to fuck her. She smiled at me. She reached out and pulled me to her, kissing my face and licking her juices from me. She drew a deep breath and looked at me.
She led me to her bed and put me on my back and pulled my jeans off and shorts. She stood over me and pulled her wet panties off. She looked incredible, so sexy. Although her tits had lost a lot of their shape and her large nipples pointed upward but they looked just womanly for her age. With a hand on the inside of each thigh she squatted down, pulling open her pussy lips. As she got to the tip of my cock she held the base of it and slipped the wettest and hottest pussy I have ever felt around for a long time. She slipped down until my throbbing hard cock was buried deep inside her pussy and the lips almost covered part of my ball sack. She squatted up and down on me in little movements, leaning forward slightly so that her tits met my face as I continued massaging them with my hands. She asked me to pinch her nips. As I pulled them she got faster with my cock inside her and moaning with dirty words – fuck fuck fuck … Within a couple of minutes she cried out with a series of orgasms and squirts of her cum or pee covered my loin.
We did not disengage ourselves - that was great, I said and what else I want out of her to make love, she asked. I told her I loved her mature body, I loved her dirty panties, I loved the taste of thick pussy juices that covered my tongue and I told her I loved to feel and see her squirt.
My SIL took on my cock again and began fucking me faster this time. I pushed up against her thrust and threw my arms out as my orgasm seemed to erupt from the top of my head, tingling all the way down my body into the tip of my cock. She pushed down hard to clutch my erupting hard cock and I twitched and jerked my hot cum into her. As my cock was getting limp, she pulled off me and held her knees on both sides my chest, held her thighs open and pulled her pussy lips apart. My cum started to dribble down and I opened my mouth and she tried to reach my face. Suddenly she released her pee all over my chest and mouth. Wow!!! I enjoyed the warm liquid … first ever in my life! When I recovered, she got herself up and the heat of her body was gone and the fluid covering me began to cool my skin. She lifted her leg over and looked down at the mess we had done on the bed.
Till that night we roamed around naked indoor as we waited for my clothes to wash and dry we just talked about sex. She wanted someone to fuck, she liked filthy, messy sex and loved squirting and she got them all during the next two days. Before I left we kissed and then I fucked her, a regular one. It was only on the drive home that I realized how much I was carrying her memory of sexy smell with me.

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