Young girls and their thongs

It's almost impossible to go to a beach or pool these days without committing a moral sin looking at these 13 year old girls in thongs. They are way overdeveloped and there are way too many pedos hitting on them flaunting their new tits and bodies on social media. I am thankful my own girls didn't do this at that age but it's really gotten out of hand and normalized.

Apr 4


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    • Fuck me this sight is full of fucken pedo's

    • Then why are YOU HERE lol

    • More like the world is full of them, and people just aren't afraid of being judged or condemned when admitting to something through the anonymity of a screen.

    • The girl across the street is borderline obscene with how developed she is. Went from a board to a curvy little minx overnight.

    • How old?

    • When I was in the army the base was a short drive to the beach. One day I met these two girls at the beach. One of them was cubby but had a rack and a half. Maybe 44 D cup. The other one was a real attractive redhead. Real thin beautiful body. Very small tits perhaps 32A. The cubby one did most of the talking. she asked me how old I was. I told her I was 22. In turn I asked how old she was. She said she was 18. She told me her and the redhead went to school together. So dumb me I never asked the redhead how old she was. I got a date with the redhead. Those little tits were fantastic. I fucked the shit out of her twice in my car. Second date same thing we fucked five times in a motel. She had one tight pussy. We started talking an I asked her what grade she was in. She said 8th grade. I then asked her how old she was. She said 14. Wholly fucking shit. I said your girl friend said she was 18 I thought you were the same age. She said the girl friend lied too me. She just wanted to date you. Her real age is 16. She was left back a couple times that is why she is two years older then me. I had one more date with her. I could not resist that tight pussy so I fucked her three times that day. However I lied to her. I told her I was being shipped out to another base. I never heard from her again.

    • I find in my old age and this is so fucking bad and wrong but also only in fantasy that I would love to one more time just eat the hell out of a young pussy all night long if the opportunity came up willingly I'm afraid I couldn't say no

    • How old are you? 2000? Lol
      I am 63 and STILL fucking 19 years olds. 63 not dead

    • Why do people get so uptight about thong bikinis? Boobs and pussies are all covered up. The only thing showing is a bare bum and we've all got one of those. Cut teenagers a little slack.
      And I'm a female.

    • Because we live in a world where other people feel like they have the right to be over judgemental of people and attempt to force their morals and standards on other people.... it's sad really.

    • I am a male and i agree lol
      Like it will be the last tits or pussy i will ever see!😂

    • I’m glad it’s not just me. It’s Easter holiday and I’m wondering how many of these utterly gorgeous girls and young women I’m ogling are schoolgirls.

    • Nothing like it lol

    • Girls are sexualized today and reach puberty at a younger age than before...since the time of the Renaissance when they reached puberty at about 11. So it is natural and good that girls wear tiny thongs and so on, so their pussies and titties may be appreciated. there is nothing wrong with that. a young girl is really beautiful when her thong rides up into her slit in front and into her ass crack in back. and her nipples should show through her is beautiful.

    • Yep!

    • Amen lol

    • So the question i would like to ask is do WOMEN look at a young stud with a great body??? Yes they do! We all appreciate beauty, young or old

    • It's changed from when we were that age for sure. The girls were still flat like us. I agree to the normalization of it but also cater to if it's out guys are gonna look. And if you don't like that don't show and act like your on a high horse.

    • I agree with the comment about guys being hard-wired to look. I certainly am. I was recently at a Disney water park in FL and was astounded at the degree of exposure by young girls who were there with their parents. I’m not talking 16 or 17. I’m talking 11, 12,13. Tits hanging out, thongs showing full ass, camel toe crotch. If they’re going to show, I’m damn well going to look. Even fantasize about what I’d like to do to these ripe little….virgins (?). I feel no guilt as I would never act on it, but I can sure imagine. I even pounded out a nice load in a bathroom stall after watching one of these little show sluts bending over repeatedly with no purpose other than to show off her spectacular little ass to all the grown men she knew were watching. Even young boys were like WTF. Damn I’d liked to have fucked that little whore. I’d show her what else her little ass could be used for (in my dreams of course).

    • I had the same damn problem - kid was well below 18 - and THE sweetest ass in her one piece high-waisted thong! Damn thing was even flesh colored! I tried not to look at this child's ass - but damn! Not possible not to look.

    • My parents refused to allow me to wear a thong bikini. I finally got one aged 19 when I went to university. On it's first outing, I burnt my bum really badly. I forgot to rub in any sun cream. Perhaps my parents really did know better!

    • Grow a brain. Men are hardwired to admire beautiful woman. If your ass is out we are going to look. It's like telling someone to not hold their breath underwater. Don't like it ? Put on some clothes. Or become a better parent

    • I agree. Although I started wearing thongs at 13 and crop tops etc it’s two different ends of the spectrum. I did it because I liked my body. I felt older, you just don’t realise so many men are thinking the same for different reasons

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