I Hate Kids

Kids are so fucking stupid especially on this site and naughtyposts where they accuse anyone of pedophilia, anti incest warrior, of being a liar like you dumbass kids shouldn't be on this site anyways and judging by how stupid and uneducated most of you retards on this site are.

It's obvious that the education system is failing because you all spend more time hurling poorly grammatical insults than you do at doing your homework and it clearly shows just how stupid kids are.

By the way retards, falsely accusing anyone of pedophilia can get you sent straight to Boot Camp. Let's see you handle the real world with a Drill Sergeant yelling in your face every day.

I Hate Kids they all need to be monitored from sites like this.

Apr 3

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    • I hate kids too. But the little girls taste pretty good.

    • Paedo

    • Quit fucking little kids you POS! How the actual fuck can accusing someone of pedophilia get someone sent to boot camp? That's not how this works, not how any of it works there Chester the molester! BTW I did Boot Camp and was a Drill Instructor for 8 years. You wouldn't make it 2 days with me you child abuser. Don't touch children, mkay!

    • How many cadets did you rape Mr Boot Camp? I bet you bent over a dozen or more young men thst came to you for help…but you took advantage and seduced them, told them not to tell, told them it’s normal for the DI to break them into gay sex, cause that’s what boys do in the battle.

    • Not to give away my identity but I was an investigator taking down this kind of bullshit, if you were raped, sorry I didn't catch you and your preditor in the act. Just because it happened to you does not mean you can fuck little kids! Don't deflect there Chester, you're the one fucking kids and getting upset being called out.

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