Too many childish comments

Seriously people your comments on certain posts are childish and shows there are way too many underage children pretending to be grown adults on this site who were either dropped on their head or naturally inbred case in point the Retarded Foot Sniffer commenter who clearly has no life at all along with the Commenters about child molesters in the fat neighbor rants that has nothing to do with the confession at all just some fucktard showing off how fucking stupid they are. I thought Adult Confessions was bad but this site looks like the place where all of the retards from Justrage migrated once that abomination of a site closed. So fuck all of you retarded dum ducks and may all of you die of COVID-19.

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  • This is a confession site and yes there are some good and bad confessions but the term "naughty" is there for a reason.

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