I have two brothers; one older, one younger. When I was about twelve, we all hung out with a kid, "Joe", who lived in our town and was a few months younger than my older brother(so Joe would've been about fourteen for the interesting part of this story). One of the several days that summer we had Joe over for a sleepover, I walked in on him and older brother naked in our shared bedroom, he was giving my brother a blowjob and beating off. I freaked out a little, we'd sneaked a peek at one of our dad's Hustlers by then and had engaged in a little mutual masturbation but it was strictly hands-to-yourself. once they got me to calm down, Joe talked me into letting him blow me too, and not having had anything but my hand to compare it to, it felt amazing. Four guys sharing a bedroom couldn't keep this a secret very long, and before you know it, younger brother was also getting his dick wet whenever Joe was up, and since our parents had divorced a decade ago that meant the only cock he didn't suck in our house was the dog's.
In retrospect, I'm aware that he was deeply perverted, and the only reason I don't call the cops on him today is because I'm pretty sure the statute of limitations wouldn't last twenty years. At the time, I had no connection in my brain between him and the stereotypical child molesters my school warned me about; he was OUR age, for crying out loud, not some leering forty something in a trenchcoat and a windowless van. Also, he never did anything without asking first, and that usually amounted to "can I suck your dick?" He didn't exactly have to threaten us. Still, to this day I'm not sure if I'd rather track him down to ask if he still gives head, or if I'd kick his balls to paste for fucking up our perceptions of adult relationships.

Apr 3

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