Road to a gay life

Here is my story. When I was ten my parents got divorced. My father accepted a job teaching at a university in Ecuador. He had me come down for the summer. He had a man servant, Juan, who kept up the house and did the cooking. I slept in one of the downstairs bedrooms and my father had the one upstairs master bedroom.

Juan came into my room and to check on me. He lifted the covers off the bed to straighten them out and then tucked me in really tight. He ran his hands across the covers spending a lot of time right over my genital area, feeling, grabbing, rubbing my penis through the covers. He then stood up and released his penis and laid it on my lips. It was like this every night, sometimes his hand would go under the covers, other times he had me lay on my stomach and he rubbed my butt. Sometimes he put his hand under the covers and ran his index finger in my crack. Sometimes he got his penis out and rubbed my crack and anus with it. And he would lay his erect penis on my lips and I would open my mouth.

I went to a large high school where my mother lived. There was a club for writers and artists, actors and those kinds. I went to that club because I wanted to be a photographer. Mostly guys, a few girls, the boys dated boys and the girls dated girls. I didn't date anyone. This one boy Greg asked me if I could take some pictures for him. I went to his house and he posed nude for me, and he asked me to develop the pictures and give them to him. He told one of the lesbian girls about it and she had me take pictures of her, telling me not to look at her, but take pictures of her very naked vagina.

I was drafted and went to Viet Nam and was shot two weeks after I got there and sent to the Philippines. The orderly who was on my floor took his sweet time changing my bed, and he volunteered to wash my penis. He had a wet cloth he used, when he got me erect he washed me until I had an orgasm, A couple of times he leaned over and kissed my penis. He reminded me of Juan in Ecuador, small, brown, and he always looked like he wanted to be kissed.

After I was discharged I went to college on the GI Bill. At college, I was older than the normal kids, and I joined this veteran's club. I met Fred there, he had served in Germany in the air force. He became my friend, and we hung out together. One day he invited me over to his apartment. He lived alone, and his apartment had a lot of furniture he said he had inherited from his grandmother. He also had a stash of gay magazines from Germany. I told him of my two times taking pictures of a guy and a woman and he let me leaf through his magazines.

These magazines weren't just of naked men, they included men having sex. It was very exciting, I remembered Juan putting his penis in my mouth. I found one picture of a soldier bent over and the other soldier with his penis in his anus. I crossed my legs tight. Fred sat on the arm of the sofa while I leafed through the magazines, he kept his hand on my shoulder. He asked if I wanted to check out his room. He had an 8X10 glossy in black and white of himself naked by his bed. He said he got the picture made in Germany to remind him of when he was young and in good shape.

Laid back on his bed, he kissed me for a while, working my pants open to get to my penis. He sucked my penis and held it tight in his hand while he kissed me. He moved his hand lower and used his fingers to touch my anus. He stood and opened his pants and fed me his penis. Once were naked he got between my legs, lifting them a little so he could have access to my anus and he penetrated me, giving me my first fuck. After withdrawing, kneeling between my legs he asked me to call him Freddy.

Mar 27

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    • I was 13 when I started sucking a friend. I was also having experiences with a female college student around same time. We would drive in her car. I would sit next to her. She would rub my legs and squeeze my crotch. Eventually we would end up in her room. She would rub my shoulders and kiss the top of my head. We would take naps. She would ask me to get undressed and hold me in her bed wearing a nightgown. She would hold me and kiss me talking softly. I began sucking two other boys but then my parents split. It was years before I wanted to suck cock again...

    • Great story. And thanks for your military service.

    • You were molested by a man and that changed your life. That’s why you’re gay.

    • My experiences with boys and two older women didn't have any adverse effect. I never felt like a victim.

    • That's not what makes people gay

    • Pretty standard route. I look back to the early 80s and wonder if I had been more adventurous, I probably would have been killed by the first wave of AIDS.

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