My best 4 some I've had

Since I was in 1st grade the girls came so easy all my life. So I was 17 and I picked up 3 girls and 2 we're virgins and the other one said she wasn't but her pussy was as tighter than most. So my dad had a cabin on the river and I always had a key. So I took all 3 to my cabin and I took my clothes off as soon as we walked in and all 3 just stared at my 9 plus inch long and very thick cock and I ask who wants to ride my cock first and one said she was so she took her clothes off and her body was hot and she was a virgin and she tried to get on my cock but her pussy was to tight so I just started eating her pussy so it would loosing up and it worked and she got on my cock and slid all the way down and she rode my cock for about 30 minutes and as soon as she climbed off the next one climbed on the she grinded my cock than the last girl climbed on and rode my cock the best. I s cum in all 3 to many times to count. Making a long story short I layed on back for more than 5 hours and they took turns all night. But the last hour I got in top of all 3 and pounded their pussies insanely hard and deep. I found out later that all 3 of them were only 13 but I should have known that because only one had public hair. That was my best night but

Mar 27

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