Caught doing it foggy style

My wife and I started wrestling on the bed in our jeans. We then continued to to wrestle in the nude. After having fun wrestling I had her in her stomach and I entered from behind and we were having amazing crazy Horny sex and our daughter came into the room and caught us. We told her we were just wrestling and she told her mom that dad was winning. My wife told that she would try to pin me. Our daughter never mentioned that event so I think she was too young to remember. We we’re more careful than on.

Apr 12

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    • Yes maybe she was too young to remember. On the other hand maybe she was so emotionally scarred from it that she repressed the memory and it will re-emerge in middle school and she will start taking it up the ass from anyone.

    • Yes, just like her dad, the OP. He is a repressed gay dude that avoids admitting it by making all his gay wrestling fantasies include women. Probably an evangelical Christian.

    • Lol, yes, saying “Give it to me balls deep daddy!”

    • Yes, he said pin me but I think he meant peg me

    • Can you see her through the fog?

      Do you use fog lights?

      Fog horns?

    • Die!

    • Wrestling fantasies are proven in psychological research to be associated with closet homosexuality. Nothing wrong with being gay, just come out with it rather than projecting it on females.

    • You're a dope. I'm all my years of wrestling, the driving factor was total domination of another human being. Women love it!

    • Agreed, as with all combat sports, violence and blood lust rule. That's what humans do, and they're very good at it.

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