I Told My Wife

I have been married for almost 35 years. We were talking about one of our friends son's coming out as gay. She thought he was probably experimenting and if it was more than that they should be supportive. I agreed I mentioned that a lot of teens and young adults experiment. She asked me half joking if a had when I was growing up. For some reason I answered truthfully and said yes. She was shocked as I had never mentioned it in all these years. She asked me what we did. I explained that in middle school my friend and I had found a Hustler in his brothers room. As we were looking at it we both got very hard. We decided to jerkoff while we both looked at the magazine. We ended up doing it almost everyday.

After about a month we started jerking each other off to see how different it felt. We both thought it was great and continued that for another few weeks. Then one day he just took my cock into his mouth. It was awkward at first since he really didn't know what he was doing but it still felt good. I told him I was getting ready to cum and he finished me off with his hand.

I figured I would try and started sucking his cock. After a few minutes he said he was going to cum and I finished him off with my hand.

My wife asked me if we ever let swallowed it or took it in our mouth. I explained after a few times we both allowed the other to cum in our mouth. I told her how I tried it first and then he did me.

She asked how long we did this together and I let her know it went on for about a year. She asked if I was gay or bi, and I said no we were just enjoying getting off. We never kissed or anything like it was just getting our rocks off.

She asked why I had never told her and I told her I thought she would see me differently. She laughed and asked why I would think that. She asked me for more specifics, not in a hot sexual way just more out of curiosity. I told her the details and she just sat there listening with no judgement.

I have an amazing wife who understands people have pasts and that it's not a big deal if people experiment.

Mar 24

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    • Your wife is a keeper. I've never told mine that I have given oral to other men because she wouldn't understand, that it is just about getting off. Although I must admit I enjoy giving pleasure to my partner.

    • My best friend and I experimented in high school and college. My girlfriend and now wife knew we had been intimate. I am the bottom. She calls him my boyfriend. She buys me panties to wear for him. He has never tried to get with my wife. Not sure what I'd do about that. We have a good marriage . I'm not attracted to other men. Not really attracted to him... I wouldn't want to be married to him... Its just that he can do things to me that she can't and I actually enjoy giving him bjs. Our longest break was when he went into the Army. Just over three years. Never even thought about finding another guy. My sex life with my wife is normal and regular. Can't explain why it works... It just does.

    • I was a young 13 year old boy the first time I had seen another boys cock he was 17 and he had me in the garage and he pulled out his cock and got me to put it in my mouth and after that I was sucking him off every day. Of course he told another boy and the word got out that I was sucking boys off and I was labeled as a fagget back then as I got older I liked girls also but none of them wanted to date me because I was a fagget until I met my wife we had become friends and she knew everything about me and when we got married everyone said that it wouldn't last long because of both of our past lives she was no angel either when she was growing up and having sex with a lot of different guys. She asked me a lot of questions about what I had done with other guys and I was honest with her and the more I told her that seemed to excite her. She finally asked me if I would suck a guy off in front of her so she could find out what it's like. That was the start of our open marriage and we are still married today after 40 years

    • I sucked another guy off because my wife asked me to. It was fine I can take it or leave it but it makes her very hot when I do so I am fine with it. She has eaten pussy for me so it works out.

    • I played around with a couple friends when I was a teenager, we would jack off and I eventually sucked their cocks before I ever had a girlfriend or pussy

    • My buddies and I sucked each other off when we were 12 and 13.

    • I told my wife the same things, now she tells me she would love to watch or see me sucking a nice dick, I told her that I would actually like to suck one with her there watching, so I have promised her that I would find a guy that would like to get his dick sucked and that we could take turns sucking him. She thought that sounded hot, we talk about it a lot.

    • Do it you won't regret it

    • You want more cock now, she knows that

    • It’s not a big deal to you. Your wife will look at you different maybe not know but she will.

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