My 72 boss lover

I'm a 19 year English girl, working as receptionist for my 72 year old Pakistani boss.
For many months he made cheeky sexual remarks with the odd slap on my bum cheeks.
He told me had business trip booked in Barcelona for five days and would like me go with him.
Yes of course I'll go I said, when we arrived at hotel room was huge suite with hot tub two bedrooms big lounge area.
He'd ordered three bottles of champagne, we drank chatted in hot tub, he told me my body was stunning, and was very horny as could see my pussy was shaved through wet thong.
I could see his cock was hard bulging in his boxers, was so big long and thick, he pulled out to show me, circumcised also, never had I had cock that big just knew I wanted it inside me.
I straddled him facing him, he put his cock in I gasped moaned loudly, omg felt him stretching me so big, 30 minutes later he cum deep inside me after I'd had six huge orgasms, since that first time we've had sex over five hundred times, just love his huge cock fucking me.

Mar 20


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    • My daughter got fired from her job when she was 16 for turning down her Pakistani boss and his brother,we found this out later on,her replacement romy who was the same age as her and went through school together didn't turn down their advances and got fucked by the both of them,they videoed the whole thing and posted it on the Internet,someone living locally recognised romy and the video spread like wildfire,im friends with romy's father and he's talked with me about it,loon at them fucking her he said to me! I couldn't tell him I was turned on by it! I've got naked pictures of my daughter and I really want to show them to the two brothers and want them to fuck her and film it for me

    • We have made 9 sex vids but only kept used for our personal pleasure

    • Pakistani men always smell like baby powder and cheap cologne. I met one who came like 10 times more than anyone I'd ever been with. He ate lots of fruits and his cum is always very sweet. I would like to meet another some day in hopes he might worship my cock like I worshiped my last Pakistani friends.

    • Middle eastern guys typically have huge loads. Are you going to let him get you pregnant?

    • Yes very much want him get me pregnant xx

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