Gag Reflex Suppression Training

As a bisexual man I love to suck cock and make a man cum in my mouth. I think I’m reasonably good at sucking cock, and men tell me I am. But I wish I could deep throat bigger longer cock. So I’ve started a training regimen to learn to suppress my gag reflex. Once a week I go to the local supermarket and buy a large bag of full size carrots. I like them for training because they are very hard and unforgiving. Not like a softer somewhat flexible hard cock. Even going through the checkout is exciting as the cute cashier has no idea I’m wearing panties and buying these carrots to practice sucking cock. I select the largest ones, usually 5 or 6 of them, 9 or 10 inches long and thick. I set the others aside for cooking and eating. I use a peeler to clean and shape the big prime carrots. Then, once a day I pick one and practice deep-throating it for about 10 minutes. I work it in slow, pressing further and challenging myself not to gag. It’s all about muscle relaxation. I’ve already seen measured improvement and it has translated to the real world. I’ve been able to take sizable cocks deep that I had trouble with in the past. My lovers have also commented on my improved skill set. I’m up to about 7 inches medium width. I’d like to get to 9 inches, thick width. Practice practice practice. My reward will be deep throating new lovers who are not used to being deep throated and are surprised and pleased with the depth of my talent.

Mar 20


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    • I'm a married guy but love sucking cocks,I've tried to deep throat but I can't,instead I tell the guy to force it down my throat until I gag spit and cough! I find that even hornier

    • I had a friend that found out I was bi and would come over we would drink beer one night he wanted to know if I would give him a blow job after we had several beers, a couple shots and smoked a join. I looked at him and ask what brought that on? He said he didn’t know but he wanted me to give him a blow job. After a few minutes he open his pants to my surprise he had no underwear and he was clean shaven. His cock was about 7 inches and thick once he was hard it was close to 8 inches. I went over and immediately went down on him. He and I would practice and I pretty much gave him a couple blow jobs a day for a couple weeks at the end of it I was able to take it all without gagging and able to swallow as he would pound me just before he would come.

    • I learned at a young age how to control my gag reflex from an older man that lived down the street from me. I was 13 the first time I sucked his cock and he let me lick and suck on it slowly and make him cum. But after a while he was getting more aggressive with me and I was gagging on his cock and he told me that I would learn how to take it all into my throat after a while it just takes practice it did take me a good year or so but I eventually learned to relax my throat and allow him to fuck my throat and not gag at all. I can suck cock better than my wife can now and the biggest cock I ever deep throated was 10 inches the guy couldn't believe that I was about to take all of his cock so easily. I would lay on my back with my head hanging off the bed and let him fuck my throat. It just takes a lot of patience and practice and if you love sucking cock like I do you will get the hang of it just keep trying.

    • I practice with smoked sausage or kielbasa. Something like that. I can get about 9" without gagging. I found that if you just push it down your throat, you don't have time for you gag reflex to kick in. Practice how long you can keep it down. With the sausage, you can pick what size you want and it flexes a little bit like a real dick. If you cook em they're tougher and can handle more punishment. Come to think of it they feel good in my ass.
      Carrots sound brutal. Try English cucumbers if you're a vegetarian.
      Good suckin !

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