I feel so guilty, I have an adult daughter she obviously thought she had the house to her self I herd the moaning I peeked I know I shouldn't have, she was naked playing with herself while watching porn, I watched longer than I should have, it was her private self indulgence I should have silently left the house,
my guilt is for enjoying watching her.

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  • If any of you want another man to help your sexy, beautiful preteen, let me know

  • Are you there..

  • My mother was tight with sex towards my dad, I use to watch him wank I think he knew

  • How old were you sweetheart...

  • Would you stop with the sweetheart crap all the time

  • One of the hottest things I ever watched was my hot older sister, flat on the bathroom floor, legs bent and spread wide, douching herself out. Her back was arched, and every plunge made her face wince with pleasure. Could tell she was enjoying it, including turning her head side to side. I watched until the end. And she knew I was.

  • When and how old is she..

  • I have three daughters under thirteen and all walk around house naked as does my wife and i and their the sweetest girls ever. The two youngest are completley hairless and not a little tit in sight and our eldest is just after getting her first training bra and has tiny budding breasts and is allmost as hairless as her little sisters. My wifes on an over night later and im looking forward too spending time with my little dolls. Our youngest is home from school just while ago and not well and i took her uniform off and shes in bed naked. My wifes gone too store for groceries and so tempted too lick our nine year olds bald pussy. But shes not well and her little preteen pussy allready looks a little red and i guess shes allready being playing with herself. I often see our girls masterbateing and especialy our youngest. She will openley play with her little pussy in lounge lyeing on sofa and finger herself and pull her little pussy lips open. Her pink folds and tiny clit are amazeing and look so wet and hot. Looking forward too later...

  • Would you mind if I had a go at your three little daughters? Seems like that may be a turn-on for you, no?

  • It be nice too have another male walking around our house naked and love reaction off my daughters when im fully erect and often see them rubb their little pussys looking at my hard cock..

  • Guess it would look amazeing. I never thought about it. My wifes not here now and our three girls are walking around naked. My cock is fully erect as im posting this...

  • Pervert she is a child

  • The three off our daughters are comfortable being naked as is my wife and i. They are beautifull little girls....

  • I wish my dad wouldve licked and fucked on me when i was younger ive been wanting to fuck him since i was 10 would love to see a dad lick and fuck his sweet baby girl

  • I was lucky. My dad first licked my clit and fucked my pussy just after my 8th birthday.

  • You there prescious..

  • I would have done it for you prescious. We have three daughters ages 9,11 and allmost 13 and we as family walk around house naked and their all beautifull. My daughters have all done stuff too daddy and i have great fun with each off them. How old are you prescious...

  • You're on way too may of these posts dickhead! At least learn how to use the proper form of words. Your sick fantasies are getting old.

  • Shes a little tease...

  • You are a sick fuck!

  • Their sweet..

  • Again, they're

  • Did you have a wank while watching or after if you did that's ok

  • Its natural...

  • And the 3 dots, that's really getting old...

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