Dying for this

I want a light skinned black girl with huge lips and a big bouncy afro to be on her knees in front of me sucking my thick cock. First I’d like to see her monster natural tits with gigantic purple nipples , I’d suck them and tit fuck her , coating her nipples with my pre cum . Once I was rock hard I’d love to see her long tongue slathering up my stiff shaft and especially feel it snake under my big hairy balls. I’d then lean back and make her eat my asshole using as much saliva as possible so my cock balls and asshole were soaking wet. Then I’d love to watch those big lips sliding up and down my cock and she could use her hands too. Long bright yellow fingernails jerking and beating my prick at the same time as she licks drools and sucks my fat cockhead . Once I’m ready to unload I’d aim at her beautiful face with her mouth wide open and tongue ready . As I explode I’d squirt the biggest jizz shot covering her with about 10 massive jets of hot sticky cum. I’d cover her forehead, eyes, nose and lips and make sure I got a lot into her afro too. She would look incredible

Mar 20

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    • I’m a white guy and had a black girlfriend when we were both just out of college. She was very sexually uninhibited. Loved sex pretty much anywhere. Her parents were fine with us being in her bedroom knowing I was fucking their daughter’s brains out. I mean we fucked often, and hard, bed slamming against the wall and their bedroom was on the other side. Then we’d all have breakfast the next morning like normal. Once they were fucking too while we did. We could each hear the others’ pounding and moaning. I heard her dad call her mom a cunt while he slammed her pussy, and I could hear her moaning and eventually orgasm. It was very strange but a lot of fun. I think I might have eventually fucked her mon, I was getting a vibe, but we broke up and that never happened.

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