Cant stop thinking

I never thought that I'd dream about cock like I am at the moment,my first taste was totally accidental,I ended up back at a house party with some old friends and one of the guys there was with my friend from college,it was obvious that they were gay,I had to take a piss and my gay friend Andy came into the toilet with me,he got his cock out to take a piss and it was me that passed a comment about his cock! Thanks mate he replied nauntchiatly flicking his cock up and down,his drunken friend Thomas literally fell through the back door and we all laughed,I helped Thomas to his feet and he slapped my arse as a thank you, Andy and Thomas both had hardons,everyone needs a release Andy said to me,

9 days ago

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    • No one cares gay boy

    • Why do you read this and then make 10 year old comments? So fucking what if he's gay or not. It's sharing an experience, but leave it up to homphobe gay basher to jack off reading the story and feel guilty after and have to make a stupid ass comment.

    • And…. Did you get on your knees and give him the release he was asking you for??

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