Husbands fault

In October my husband had a few friends around to watch a football game. They all drank beer and I had a bottle or so of wine.
After the game, my husband played a trick on me. He came up behind me, covered my eyes with a cloth and spoke to me the whole time, asking me to give him a sneaky blow job.
I got down fumbled about a bit then gripped his already hard and what seemed much thicker cock.
I put the difference down to be being blindfolded, and the drink.
Over the next five to ten minutes I cannot tell you just how much I enjoyed sucking him off. It was so horny knowing his friends were close by and when he came asking me to swallow his load, I did just that.
When he reached down and removed the blindfold. I looked up to see Andy, one of my husbands friends flopping his huge cock near my face. My husband was stood right there and they both smiled at me.
My husband later told me Andy had always fancied me and they'd cooked up a plan for me to blow him.
I was angry at first, but then remembered just how much I'd enjoyed sucking what I originally believed to be my husband's cock.
Two days later not knowing the number, I got a text saying 'If you'd like to repeat the blow job and maybe more, let me know'.
Thinking it might be my husband tricking me again, I replied 'How about now' knowing my husband was at least three hours drive away.
Fifteen minutes later Andy knocked on our door and five minutes after that I had his gorgeous cock in my mouth.
I figured if my husband was ok to watch me suck Andy off, then It would ok for me to suck his dick alone.
Andy spent pretty much the whole morning and into the afternoon licking, sucking and fucking with me.
It was the best sex I'd ever experienced and he had me climaxing multiple times with his mouth, fingers and beautiful cock.
By the time he left, only a couple of hours before my husband arrived home, I'd taken his cock in all my holes. And I'd resolved to make sure Andy would be a frequent visitor. Since October Andy and I have had sex extremely regularly. Some weeks he's around every work day, other weeks it's no less than three wonderful days of sex.
My husband kicked all of this off, offering me up to satisfy one of his friends.
Now I'm satisfying Andy and myself as much as I can. And to take it a step further, we're thinking of moving away and starting over together.

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  • I think if you are both honest with each other, you will both want to watch each other suck Andy's big dick

  • It's amazing how much a woman always loves another cock. Let us know when you start taking 2 or 3 at a time. The more you get the more you'll want.

  • That's the danger of flings and fantasies. The other new person might be a better match.

  • Live in small town where everyone knows Bob S is hung like a porn star, and he is also my wife's (June) guy buddy. Half joking Bob's wife (Beth) says we better keep an eye on them two. They live about 1/4 mike away and there's a path that runs from our back yards. Hot summer night I get up 3AM to go to the bathroom, June's not in bed. look out the window see some objecting moving on the patio. I go downstairs to the sliding glass door and peek out. Naked June is giving Bob a blowjob. She having the time of her life, the thing is huge -- it's too big. I was pissed and amazed. Embarrassed I didn't want them to know I knew. And I was sure that it would never fit in June's little pussy, I would know if it somehow did. She told me about an old hung boss she loved do to, I keep an eye on her, let her know I'm a little jealous of them hanging out. 3 years later they move and I tell her what I saw. She says he took advantage of her fetish for sucking big dick. She said Beth mocked her once 'like doing the dirty deed - ahhh" . She may spied on them too.

  • Accountability seems to be a real problem with women. C'mon, cheater, own the fact that you made the decision to step out on hubby.

  • Seriously? Why do married women think they can get away with anything and everything. One night my ex-wife and I messing around and talking about fantasies. She said she wanted to be with a woman and I told her my wildest fantasy would be for her to fuck this guy who was always hitting on her. He’s like 6’8” slim but pretty muscular. She said “omg he’s like 10 years younger than me!” She was 35 at the time but the body of 22 year old. Without saying a word the next weekend while I went out with my buddies she invited this guy over and fucked him!!! When I got home he was gone but she told me all about it. I told her it was just a fantasy. I dumped her a month later. The shit of it is she dated a lot of guys and is now engaged to a guy who’s 45 and loaded!!

    All because I was honest and shared my fantasy with her!! Fucking women!!

  • You should have given her a pass. She's hot "22 body" she's a keeper. Guys are going to want to fuck her. You have some blame here -- you gave her a hall pass, but never took it away -- even if was a misunderstanding -- she thought she had one. Now go down to the doughnut shop and find a chubby with a way to small MAGA t-shirt and help her down the aisle. No one will want to fuck her. PS Gave my hot wife a pass for her 1 nigher. Dumb ass confessed.

  • This is an amazing confession. I couldn’t be happier for you. My confession is a little different but it is his fault too. Now several months later my bf and I are where you are.

    My husband (33) and I (27) have been married for 5 years. He is a decent guy but can be a real asshole when he isn’t getting his way or he’s upset. He does works hard and he is a good provide. Gor the first few months of our marriage very attentive and honestly a good to great lover. Something happened after we were married for 6 months. He stopped paying attention to me, sex became less and less frequent and he drank too much. When I confronted him the first time he straightened up and after year 1 to 2 he was better. Not exactly like our first year but better. Year 2 he slide back to his old ways. At the end of year 3 beginning of year 4 I told him I’d had enough!! He got mad and told me if I didn’t like how he fucked me to find someone who does. Now for him to say that Was just ridiculous. If I didn’t like the way he fucked me? When? He hardly touched me 18 months. A few weeks after I did just that. I met a man. A wonderful man. An amazing man. Loving, attentive, gentle when I need it to be and rough and aggressive when I want it rough and aggressive. He Fucks me so much better than my husband. I cannot tell you how much better he fucks me. It doesn’t hurt that yes he is slightly more endowed than my husband both in length and thickness but even if he wasn’t I know he’d fuck me better than my husband.

    We’ve been together for nearly 9 months and he wants me to move in with him. My husband and I have no children so I’m going to do it after Valentine’s Day.

  • Thanks hubby for a beautiful begining!

  • Good little slut. Take it in your pooper.

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