Wife climbed into bed with BFFL's husband

Lesson learned - when wife is horny for another guy in her close circle - don't piss her off too much!
My 23 yr old wife and I had what I thought was a major falling out.....because next thing I know she's down the street moving in with her best friend's family (husband, 2 kids)
I couldn't figure what I'd done to piss her off so....
Turns out - she was just looking for an excuse to get in the husband's bed! She was THAT horny for the guy! They'd been flirting for months.....necking when wifey wasn't around. Fingered her one night as they all sat on couch watching movies in the dark.

Her friend went away for one night to visit family...
My wife admitted later that he was THE best at cunnilingus she'd ever had!
His specialty.
Her friend finally caught on - sent her packing. We reconcilled about a year later.
Still....kind of a sexy story she tells when we're fucking. He'd pull her panties down with his teeth while she was cooking and wife in the shower - then she'd open her legs over his shoulder so he cold eat her. She'd wake up in their spare bedroom and he'd be licking her panties - she'd pull them aside so he could have her. She said the hardest part was not making too much noise as she had huge orgasms because of his skills!
Meanwhile, I'm sitting at home wondering what I did to piss her off so.....

Mar 18

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    • Hot story!
      You should see if she's into swapping.
      My wife and I were 25 and 27 respectively when we started swapping. We were new to the area and our neighbors were mid forties and their kids had moved out. We became friends and they invited us to join them for vacation at the Outer Banks. They'd rented an AirBnb and their kids didn't want to go. The first night, I was sipping bourbon and the women were having wine. The subject of sex came up and they asked if we'd like to swap partners for the evening. They gave us a few minutes to discuss things. We both agreed went for it.

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