Farm Boyz

I walked through the arcade area looking into each booth. I was looking to see what was playing on the screens, but I was particularly looking for gloryholes. Like a good boy, I had paid my five dollars at the front of the store, and walked to the arcade full of booths. The attendant was used to seeing me here at various times and never raises an eyebrow to my activities since I don't cause any problems.

Once I found a booth, I went in and closed the door. I dropped my pants to reveal my shaved legs encased in beautiful stockings. I pulled out my 5" heels and placed them on my feet. Once I stripped off the rest of my clothing, I stretched out to feel the freedom of my totally shaved nakedness as I waited for a cock in the next booth.

After several minutes of watching a hot video, I heard the door next to me open, and a shadow appeared as someone bent to look in at me. I sat stroking my cock with a gentle touch and licked my glossy lips like a whore advertising her goods. It wasn't long before a cock head appeared through the hole and it was time to go to work.

It was an average size cock but it had a nice meaty head on it. After licking the shaft I started working on the head, taking it in my mouth completely while flicking with my tongue. I can hear the cock's owner moaning a little as I increased my suction on his appendage. I bobbed my head back and forth until the slobber was beginning to drop to the floor and run down my chin. it wasn't long before I got that familiar feeling and a gush of jizm shot out of his cock and only my face with gusto. I licked it clean before my satisfied cocksman departed his booth.

I cleaned my face and applied my lip gloss again. My cock, although small, was rock hard and dripping like a well used pussy. I removed my butt plug that I inserted earlier and placed it back in my ass after stretching my hole a little. I loved how the plug would rub my prostate as I rocked on my chair while sucking a cock.

After a few more minutes had went by, the door in the booth next to me hadn't even closed before a huge cock was thrust though the hole at me. "Suck it bitch!" came the voice of this massive cock's owner. "Yes, my love." I responded, as I started jerking the meaty appendage off. It was large and as I got it harder, I knew it was going to be a chore to get my lips around this monster. But I did my best.

My efforts to engulf the head were futile as I positioned my head so that he could fuck my face. I got a portion of the cock in my face hole, but it wasn't easy. Finally, the cock slid back into the booth and the owner bent down and looked in at me. "Can I come over to your side?" he asked.

It's not typical for someone to share a booth, but I wanted to get a better look at this cock, so I unlocked my door.

A pretty good sized man walked in. he was younger than me and looked somewhat like a farm boy that lost his way in the big city. He then dropped his pants to reveal a massive cock that hung at least 8' limp. It was a beautiful specimen of man-meat.

I plunged my face down on to the head and sucked it in past my lips and looked up at him like a bitch in heat. "yeah, that's a good girl." he said as he winked at me. I slobbered and spit on that cock and lubed it up. I had him sit in the chair and I removed my butt plug.

"You have something I need, stud." I said to him. This meat stick was making me hot and I wanted to feel it in me. I was acting like a wanton whore as I straddled him. I positioned his cock at the entrance to my gaping sphincter and did something I had never done before or since; I took that cock bareback. I eased my ass-pussy down until that big head was just past my love lips and then I plunged down the rest of the way. The feeling was indescribable. I bucked my hips and rode that horse cock to town for a new dress. He held on to me as he pumped his hips into me and rammed his cock into my guts for all it was worth.

"My fucking wife won't even let me fuck her like this." He moaned.
"Well, maybe it's time to throw that bitch out 'cause she doesn't know a good cock when she sees it.' I told my farm boy. "

I was truly acting like a total whore and the door to the booth was open slightly and an audience of about three or four guys was starting to gather. A few were stroking their cocks through their jeans. My own cock was dripping like a faucet as cum leaked out onto Farmboy's shirt. It was time to flip things around.

I got off of his cock and turned the chair around with the back to the video. As he sat back down, I sat with my back to him and plunged down on his cock again and opened the door to the booth. We were a sight as I continued to ride that baby-arm of a cock. My cock was now dripping cum everywhere as my prostate was being massaged to give me a touch-free orgasm.

"Give me another cock!" I demanded to our onlookers. A couple of cocks were shoved in my face as I leaned forward. As I took a cock in my mouth, my farm boy grabbed my hips and began plowing my ass so hard his balls were slapping my thighs. His hands groped my flat boy-titties as he pushed his engorged manhood up into my guts one more time before spewing a volley of man-milk into my newly made excuse for a womb.

He grunted like a bull as he milked every last drop into my ass. Cocks were cumming in front of me as I moaned through an explosive orgasm.

My ass was gaping when my farm boy exited my love-tunnel. Sperm dripped onto his thigh as he popped out of me after taking my ass-cherry. I was in love with this farm boy.

I gathered my wits about me and we agreed to meet again at a later time. my ass dripped cum for the entire day as I walked around with my cum soaked jeans and panties. I smelled of sex when I arrived home. I took a hot bath and cleaned out my ass-pussy and slept like a baby with dreams of my farm boy fucking my ass again.

9 days ago

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