I convinced my wife

I convinced my wife to have sex with other men. I also told her to have unprotected sex with them while she is fertile since I want her to get pregnant by someone else. I will be so turned on seeing her large belly full of another man's child.

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  • Didn't take my wife much convincing. She will see a guy she thinks is hot and just say it out loud. One day I responded with, "Would you fuck him?" She would always say, "I wouldn't cheat on you." Then a few years ago she mentioned someone was hot when we were out and I asked if she'd fuck him. This time she said, "You know I wouldn't cheat on you." I said, "It's not cheating if I'm ok with it." She said, "Would you be ok if I fucked him?" I said, "If you go over there and hit on him and he wants to then yeah I'd be ok." She said, "Really?" I said, "Yeah." She said, "Ok then." She went over to him and he got her a drink. I just sat back and watched her flirt. She winked at me and waved. Walked in the door around 2 am. I asked if she really did it. She said, "Wanna see?" I said, "See what?" She said, "No condom."

  • Contact me ... guess she will like black dick e-mail Mikeking95@yahoo.com

  • My wife was shocked and confused when I first told her I wanted her to go get knocked up by the man of her choice. She was ok with occasional cheating on me but wanted all our children to be ours. I wanted the child to be a constant reminder of her naughty days that she did for me. After talking often about this she made an effort to only sleep with men whose offspring could pass as mine.

    Eventually she got her way and I knocked her up. As soon as I learned her pregnancy I eagerly encouraged her to sleep around and let the men wonder if they might be the father as she began to show. She got excited and slept with most of the men she had seen since we married and two of her ex's.

    Over time that went SO well that we repeated the same ruse two more times after she was pregnant. For the fourth child I finally got her to get knocked up for real. She slept with me and all the same men in the same time frame and actually got pregnant. This was before DNA paternity tests was invented or imagined and long before AIDS. We are still happily married and have happy, normal children and grandchildren.

  • My wife has a very high sex drive. She could have sex nine or ten a day if it was up to her. I knew before we got married she needed a lot of dick but I never thought she was that needy. Once I was with her 24/7 OMG I think she wore my dick out in one month. Long story short I found out while we were dating she was getting fucked on the side. Once we got married she thought she could control it. Wrong. So I ended up sharing her with others. What the hell I was still getting it twice a night why not. Anyway she would always kid me about getting knocked up by one of her lovers. Well it happened what a rush for both of us. Nothing like seeing your naked wife with another mans baby in her swollen belly. We have three children I am not sure if I fathered any of them. I might have since I usually fuck her every night but then again....................

  • Your a frigin lunatic

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