A man’s mouth is better

I have always found that men suck cock better than women. I think it is actually having a prick and understanding how it should be pleasured, that gives guys the edge. My favourite cock suckers are elderly men - otherwise know as the ‘dirty old man’. I enjoy running my hands over their freshly clippered (#1 or 2) head as they swirl their muscular tongue around the mushroom head of my swollen cock. I take a few hits of strong poppers, offer them some, which they greedily snort because it relaxes their throat, and pound their mouths until they gag. Blowing my hot, sticky load into their guzzling mouth - it’s heaven! And always better than that stupid slut you lust after. If you are lucky, they will coax your meat back to life and offer a soft warm man cunt for your pleasure - that’s when I really go to town and attempt to break their fuck hole as I pound them. Next time you see a dirty old man, think of the service he is willingly providing and give him a smile.

Mar 8


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    • I've found that older guys who want to suck are completely shameless about it, and driven to perform. The first time I reached down to put my hand on the head of the person sucking me and felt an old man's bald head instead of a girl's full head of hair it was a little off putting for about 10 seconds. Then the pleasure he was giving me overwhelmed any weird feelings. Looking down and seeing my cock disappearing inside this other man's mouth was so much hotter than I'd expected. I was suddenly on a hair trigger, but this guy was so good that he kept me there, edging me for a good 10 minutes before I got my release and he got his tasty treat.

      I hooked up a few times with another old guy who loved eating ass more than anything else. Oh my god it showed! He'd have me climbing the walls with pleasure! Feeling his stubble as he ate my ass deep just made it more erotic.

    • Reading your post brings back great memories - bald, short hair it doesn’t matter. Caressing that skull while you skull fuck them is a beautiful indulgence! Those lips around your prick are like silk.

    • Well, I agree, men give better head than woman. With the exception of Elizabeth at My Holyoke College in 1982. Damn that woman knew how to suck cock and brace for impact at ejaculation.

    • Yes, must admit my version of Elizabeth was pretty good. But I do love sticking my knob through a dirty gloryhole and having no idea who is on the other side. Had some knee buckling orgasms in this way - the drainers that suck every last drop from you as you collapse into an exquisite heap.

    • I love gloryhole cock

    • A woman sucks cock because she feels that she has to a guy who sucks cock is because he wants to and enjoys doing it. My wife even says that I give better head than she does because I have no gag reflex at all I learned how to relax my throat when I was a young boy when my uncle had me sucking his cock. A lot of women will jack off a guy more than sucking his cock I use my mouth and tongue on him and I will lick his ass a little bit when I am sucking on his balls because there's more to giving head than just having his cock in your mouth. And I always swallow the cum every drop of it.

    • Couldn’t agree more. I pleasure every inch of a man’s sex. Can’t get enough of the smell of his pubic mound, the feel of his tender scrotum tucked into my mouth, lapping his cockhead just under the slit. Women have no clue. All they are good for is throat fucking after a hard day’s work.

    • I've had guys tell me my blowjobs are better than their girlfriends,this is usually when I'm dolled up as a girl so they can at least fool themselves. When I was in middle school and realized I was gay, my older stepbro used to pimp me out to some of his buddies, they were only a couple of years older than me but a few of them had way bigger cocks than I had. Most of them didn't know I was a guy, stepbro had me either in a gloryhole or crossdressed, and once I had a bit of practice I heard a few guys saying how good I was.

    • I have never sucked a cock but I have a neighbor that blows me a couple of times a week and he is better than any woman has done.

    • Shove it in my mouth

    • I suck cock better than most women, started sucking cock as a teenager

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