Hi my name is Tegan and i am 48 yrs old. I have a daughter Bec and she is 26.
I am married and Bec's father Don is 27. Bec is married to Dan and they live about 20min form where we live. Bec asked me to come and stay with her on a Saturday nite as Dan was going out and did not want to be home alone. Don said it would be ok as he was going to the pub with his mates. I went to Bec's place Saturday arvo and Dan had already left. Bec and i went out to a club for dinner and a show. When we got home we had some more drinks before having a shower and off to bed. When we went for a shower Bec told me to use her bathroom as the other one had no hot water. I went and had a shower and as i was just about finished Bec came in and got into the shower with me. I looked her over and she had a nice body. she had large firm boobs and big nipples. As i looked down i also noticed she was clean shaven at her pussy. Bec picked up the soap and started to wash my back, she then washed my front and i felt her touch my pussy. I got out, dried my self and put my pj,s on. I left the bathroom and went to my bedroom. After a while Bec came in to say goodnight and all she had on was a towel. She said her goodnight and as she left i noticed she dropped her towel and was naked. After a while i went off to sleep.
It was about 2.00am in the morning a i woke up with someone sitting on both side of the bed and they kissed my cheeks. When i finally woke it was Dan and Bec sitting on the bed on either side and they were naked. Bec took my hand and placed it on her leg just below her pussy. She smiled and looked at Dan. Dan took my other hand and put it around his cock. As they both looked at me they said - we love you and want you - . I was shocked and did not know what to do. Dan took my hand that was around his cock and started to move it up and down and as he did it started to get bigger and fatter. I then felt another hand on my stomach, It was Bec and she lowered her hand under my undies and onto my pussy. I then felt her finger my clit. I was getting really horny. i had not said a word as i was shocked. I felt Bec move and as i looked at her she opened her legs, took my hand, opened my fingers and put them into her pussy. She was so wet. I started fingering her and it was not long before she cum. I then felt Dan's hand on my pussy and he had his fingers in me and playing with my clit. As i was about to cum i was jerking his cock and Bec had a smile.
When we calmed down Bec stood up and removed my undies and pj bottom. Dan stood up and removed my top so i was naked just like them. Dan moved over and put his cock near my mouth, I looked at Bec and she smiled and nodded her head. I then let him put his cock in my mouth. As i was sucking him i felt someone at my pussy. I looked down and Bec was licking my clit. It felt so good i spread my legs as wide as i could get them. Dan pulled his cock out of my mouth and went down to the bottom of the bed. He pulled me down until my legs were over the end of the bed. I watched as he was jerking his cock to get it real hard. He lifter my legs up so my knees were up near my head. I then felt him push his cock into my pussy. I then heard Bec say to Dan - fuck mum, fuck her hard and he pushed in all the way until his balls hit my arse. Bec moved to just above my head and took hold of my legs. As Dan was fucking me Bec lowered my legs a bit and she moved forward until her pussy was on my mouth. She tasted so good i licked her clit until she cum and Dan fucked me hard and i told them i was going to cum and as i did Dan cum as well. After we all calmed down Bec and Dan laid down beside me. I kissed both of them and went to sleep. Before i went to sleep i took Dan's cock in my hand and put my hand and fingers into Bec's pussy. It was like that when we woke the next morning.
Next morning it happened like the knight before.

Feb 28


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    • This story makes no sense at all.

    • I got to do mother and daughter but it was separately lol

    • Dan has lived the ultimate dream! Daughter and mum fantasy has been on my bucket list forever. My wife's mum is sexy as fuck! Lucky man!

    • So hot!!!

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