All sorts of wrong, I know.

My neighbor across the hall (Ronnie) is a single dad whose wife left him with two daughters (Elaina & Zoila) little over a year ago.
Although we are good neighbors and have spoken a great deal over the past year, I wouldn’t exactly call us close.
Anyway, my name is David, I live alone in a one bedroom apartment in LA. My own wife left me six years ago and went back to Texas with my son. I haven’t seen them since; I have spoken to my son on the phone a few times. I’ve tried to date, but nothing other than sex has ever come of that.
Back to the story, Ronnie called me to tell me that he and his girls were heading down to San Diego because his father was in the hospital in critical care. He wasn’t sure when he would return and asked if I would watch over his place and feed his dog while he was away. Of course I agreed and he came over to leave me the key.
I went over briefly to feed the dog a beagle called Mouse. After work I went back to walk and feed Mouse. While he ate I decided to explore the apartment. It was a pretty plain place, nothing fancy about it. Ron worked for the city and apparently got some kind of award for years of service.
I went into his two daughters room, and saw all sorts of ribbons and awards for academic achievement. The girls were ages thirteen and fifteen years old.
Now comes the part that I am ashamed of. I don’t know what possessed me to do what I did next, but I went through the girls dresser and discovered their underwear. A treasure chest of tiny panties and bras. I would end up spending the next few hours masturbating with them while picturing the girls.
After two evenings of this Ronnie and the girls returned.
I returned the his keys, but not before I took a pair of panties from each girl.
It took me a while before I shamed myself into stopping with the dirty thoughts I had been having about those two kids. I kept the panties a while longer before I got rid of them too.
I moved to Huntington Beach, still keep up with Ronnie, one girl graduated high school and the other is on her way.

Feb 28

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    • If you didn’t want those teenager panties, you should have put them up for sale. Should have let someone else enjoy them. Waste.

    • If I trusted you in my home or near my family and you stole my daughters panties uch less sniffed them I'd end you!

    • Right on, the dude is a straight up creep. If I trusted you, and you violate that trust… f**k you! He also did it when the other guy’s dad was in the hospital. Creep.

    • Sorry but it’s a primal urge to sniff pussy and ass streaked dirty panties. I work in houses where I often get the opportunity to smell women’s panties. I know I’ll be fired and really embarrassed if I get caught but I can’t stop if I see them. So far I’ve only touched and whiffed clean pairs but if I see dirty ones I don’t think I could ever not sniff them and steal them. I would have them under my nose while I beat my cock until I splashed them with hot cum asap.

    • Right on! That f**ker had two teenage girls panties and got rid of them!

    • I would love to pretend to be the little 13 year old and you can act on those dirty thoughts

    • Are you male or female?

    • While I get the urge, not cool. But I’m not judging you. I’ve done some bad things too. I’ve swiped panties, sniffed bathing suits, etc. The desire to fuck very young ripe pussy is not wrong. It’s nature pulling at a man’s natural drive to fuck. But acting on it is of course very wrong. What you did is much closer to desire than action. No penalty. So carry on.

    • Yeah not sure why you would feel the need to share that.

    • Dude, pretty messed up.

    • You’ve done worse, I know that. Admit it.

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