Fatty school girl

My name is Jake and when I was 14 in elementary school I had a seatmate, a fatty girl. She was nice and we were good friends. Sometimes we joked about how hormones were unbearable.

We were sitting at the far back in the classroom and once during a lesson she whispered into my ears that if my hormones are high then walk her home cause her parents are away for a day. I nodded.

We walked home and she told me to go upstairs and she'll show me her room. Then she closed the door and told me quietly that if I show her my penis and she can show me her pussy. My cock got rock hard cause I liked her.

I was a bit shy but I pulled down my pants anyway. She kept staring mesmerized at my hardon. She asked if she can touch it. I said I would love it.

She started stoking me. I told her I cannot hold myself for long. On this she smiled and started stroking me faster. I sprayed her clothes in seconds.

She said I have a nice cock and dried me with paper towel. She then told to kneel down to the edge of the bed cause she wanted to take off her clothes slowly and I can see her body. She lay on her back and started pulling off her trouser. She left on her sweater cause it was cool in the room.

When she removed her underwear I got to see her nice meaty pussy. She was all shaved. She asked me if I like what I see. I told her very much and asked her if I can kiss it. She spread her legs wide and I started kissing her thighs and pussy lips. Then started licking her as I saw in porn movies.

She came in a minute moaning loudly. When we finished she got dressed and told me that we could repeat this some times again. I said ok. Then we went downtown to hang out. From then on we pleasured each other frequently. Months later she was still my friend and she asked me to fuck her in condom. She enjoyed it.

Feb 26


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    • Been fucking the cute fatties for years. My first was when I was 14 and she was 15. We started out as friends and then became lovers. She was at least 350lbs and her pussy was amazing. We dated all through HS and she got pregnant in her senior year. She chose to have an abortion and afterwards things were never the same between us. Our relationship eventually got really weird and strained and we parted ways but I still think she was gorgeous and she will always be my first love... Nowadays I'm married to a gorgeous piggy who never stops gobbling food and my dick. We have two beautiful children, a nice home, and a great life.

    • I messed around with a chubby girl when I was 13 and she was 12. We played with each other, I never fucked her but we had fun.

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