Our Wives Enjoyed Swinging Just A Bit Too Much

I have a coworker who regularly comes over to our house on Sundays with his wife to past the day. We would chat and my wife would make snacks. I kept beer on hand in the fridge. I started to eye my coworker's wife because she had wide hips. He in turn eyed my wife because of her large breasts that dangled down when she bent over a bit. Weeks went by and we all decided to try wife swapping since we as married for some time. His wife was all for it but my wife was unsure. My coworker's wife convinced my wife that there was nothing wrong with extramarital sex after being married awhile with the same person. It can improve the marriage relationship a bit.
So the next time when they was over and woofed down some brews. My coworker's wife said, " Are we going to swing? " My wife said, " Hell yeah because my husband my husband wants to poke that wide hip of yours. " My wife exposed her tits and told everyone that she liked them being man handled while she lifted them and and fed her mouth. We all went into separate bedrooms and played. It began as a regular thing for killing time on Sundays.
My coworker and I went down to the flea market and when we got back the ladies was having sexual activity with one another. My coworker's wife was holding my wife's tit to her mouth and sucking on her nipple, While my wife was was fingering the coworker's wife's clit. My coworker and I whipped our dicks out and started jerking each other's cock while we watched our wives. Our wife started to give a blow job to one another husband's cock and then they both sucked the same cock until the cum got in their mouths.
My wife admitted to me, "That bitch knows how to suck and grope a tit really well ! "

Feb 23

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    • We were married less then six months when we started to swing with others. That was nine years ago. We are still swinging and our sex life is fantastic.

    • Nothing like watching and sharing lol

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