I'm a 43 married mother to 2 children soon to be 3 I go swimming 2 times a week last month I got talking to a old man while in the pool he asked to fuck me I'm tempted but I'm scared should I make a old man happy

Feb 20


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    • When you go swimming again, get close to him as you talk. Allow him to be close to you and he will certainly touch your arm or waist, moving you closer. As you talk, get close, you will feel him gently pressing his hard cock against your thigh. Gently touch his cock, and you will feel the size, the weight and thickness. This will tell him everything! He will probably be larger, thicker than your husband’s cock and I think at this point you will really crave his cock. If you think that being in the pool with him has you excited, just think how excited, aroused you’ll be when you allow him to undress you slowly, granting him full access to your 43 year old MILF body. For him, being able to touch, caress and explore every inch of your body, without any reservation, will only make him and his cock even more hard. When he starts kissing your tits, kissing your pussy and ass, you will be so ready for his cock. You’ll beg him to put his cock deep inside your pussy, as you prepare to have him fuck your 43 year old body, like it has never been fucked before. I think you really need this guy to have full access to your body. I would imagine that your husband has never had full access and certainly has never fucked you like this guy will! When he cums deep inside your married pussy, have a great orgasm and draw his cock deeper inside. You can use your lips, mouth and throat to get his cock hard again and he will fuck you many times before you drive back to your husband, wet, satisfied.

    • If you do, make sure you can live with it. I'm married and 40 and made a few old mature men very happy..

    • I am an old man, and yes you should make one of us happy.

    • Do it! You won't regret it at all!
      I was 6 months pregnant when I had my first affair with an older guy last summer.
      I was 24 at the time. I work for a small home improvement company part-time scheduling appointments. My husband stopped having sex with me after 3 months (baby bump started showing). My hormones were going crazy so he got me a vibrator. Not the same thing!
      The owner of the company is 54 divorced twice. He's always been flirty but when my bump started showing he became very flirty. I'm slim and 5ft 2in. I'd wear tight shirts and leggings. We were alone one day and I let it slip I my husband wouldn't have sex with me because he's afraid of hurting the baby. He laughed and turned up the flirting.
      During lunch, we went to his house and had the best sex ever! Since he'd been married a few times, he knew comfortable positions. He even let me ride him!!

    • That sounds hot! I started cheating while pregnant too (29 mom of 2... so far ;) and once I started couldn't stop!

    • I love younger women that like older guys lol

    • The nice thing about going for it now is that you are already pregnant so he can't knock you up.

    • Damn, sounds like you’re feeling some pity for him! You might have to make his dreams come true!

    • Yes let him fuck you and cum inside you it’s amazing I love to have older guys fuck me and cum inside my wet pussy and most of the time my husband likes to watch

    • How old are you? I am 63, Italian and hung lol

    • I’m 40 and yes I would love a 63 year old Italian guy to cum in me as my husband watches where you located?

    • Vegas. You?
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    • We vacation in Vegas every year in April I will hit you up for sure would you come to our hotel and join us ?

    • Of course. Lets trade pictures
      You have my email

    • Are you hot?

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