My wife made me a cuckold

I married this nice girl but I never satisfied her and one day I ask her if she wants to have sex with a friend and at first she said no but I continue on til she want to have sex little that I knew he made her come like never before she became a slut and start to make joke of my cock it small well she made me a cuckold

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  • I was only 14 and had a delirium on medications and after collapsing and had a strange dream and weird thoughts and woke up thinking I was somewhere else to cope with being violated, so hate me. see if I care! I never harmed anyone! I want to be a teen again so I can be pretty and thin. rapist made me a cuckold and I want to be young again.

  • My husband use to tease me a lot about having other guys as we were fucking. Little does he know his dad has been fucking me daily since the day after his son and I got married.

  • So do you get to suck the guys dick to get him hard for her? Do you suck the last drops of cum out of his dick after he cums in her pussy? Does she let you eat his cum out of her fresh fucked pussy? Do you enjoy seeing his cum leaking out of her pussy? I would!!!!!!

  • In watched my wife get her first black cock in a swingers club one night. He fucked her hard with a big cock and she came many times then he came inside her. Then I got down and licked her dripping pussy good before I was allowed to put my cock inside her well fucked pussy.

  • Has your wife ever missed a period? You certainly have.

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