I accidentally walked in on my mother using a dildo on herself in her front room,then I noticed she was using a Web camera! Now I should have turned around and walked back out but I didn't, she was completely oblivious to me being there and I got a brilliant view of her hairy cunt,I wondered to myself what website she was doing it on and I searched and searched until I found her,she was looking for men to come and fuck her and her preference was younger black men! I had a key to her house so I ordered a small spy camera online and the first chance I had I installed it in her bedroom, I waited and waited and then there it was, mum strolled into her bedroom and just behind her was this black guy, she was wearing a lacy shirt,stockings and suspenders, she sat on the edge of her bed and called the guy towards her and undid his jeans, out flopped his big cock and my mother started sucking on it! He tells her to take her shirt off and get her tits out, I haven't mentioned that my mother is 71 ! He sucks on her nipples and rubs her pussy, she gets onto all fours on the bed and he pulls her knickers down moves behind her and puts his cock in her! My mother was absolutely loving this big black cock fucking her, then I got the sight that I wanted, mum mounted his cock reverse cowgirl and I could then see her hairy cunt taking his cock, I've seen countless guys fucking her two at once several times, now that is a sight to behold, I really want to confront her about it and secretly I'm hoping to fuck her myself

Feb 16


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    • Love to see those vids.

    • Let her have her fun - don’t make a fuss about it. If that is what gets her off, then it is pretty harmless really.

    • Good luck!

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